Sunday, October 4, 2009

The Weekend


marked my first time ever teaching at a Creating Keepsakes Convention
(CKC).  Strangely, I wasn't nervous at all.  Mostly I was
excited.  I was teaching the "Little Things That Bring Me Joy"
book...which, if you know me, I'm pretty passionate about. 


just love that you can make a mini book out of cardstock, add photos
& a little flair & be done in about 2 hours from start to
finish.  With the whole book.  The class was only an hour, but
we'd prepared the kits so the stuff that takes time was already
done.  (We have some kits for sale in the store...$22 &
includes a 1 oz bottle of Art Institute Glue...which is another subject
I'm passionate about).

There was a funny thing that happened in
the Saturday morning class.  Something that's never happened to me
before...but it was hilarious!  I was explaining to the students
what tools they needed to pull out for class:  an ink pad, a bone
folder, scissors & a corner rounder...and these two gals were
laughing hysterically.  Certainly supplies couldn't be that
funny.  One of them raised their hand & between gasps of
laughter asked me what a bone folder was.  I explained that it was
plastic tool  used to create crisp creases in the folds of your
project.  Now the ladies were laughing even harder.  OK...
Next thing I know, they're holding up a manila folder & between
gasps of laughter they said "We thought you wanted these!  We
looked all over for bone colored folders!"  (manila folders are bone colored...get
it?)  You probably had to be there to get the true sense of the
hysterical-ness...but it was so funny!  The whole class was near
tears!  And they were such good sports about it, too!  (Told
they I'm likely blog about it...they were ok with that).  The rest
of the class went off without a hitch!

Then my cousin Jen & I
went through the CKC vendor fair.  I haven't been through one of
those in years.  It was fun to see what people were swooping in to
purchase...and what they weren't.  I bought a film strip looking
transparency with Kendall's name on it.  She was thrilled! 
And a Cardinals banner for a future scrapbook page for my husband. 
And I picked up a t-shirt with picture of a camera on it that said
"just shoot me now".  Love it!  It was fun & I'm so glad I

Then Jen & I headed to Pei Wei.  My most favorite treat in Phoenix right now. 


Jen, every time I come down we end up here.  That's Pad Thai with
Tofu & Mandarin Iced Tea with an orange wedge inside.  It's
soooo good!  Wish I had more now...


That's Jen with her delightful dish.  You might recognize her from the 10/30 page .  In the past 2 months she's lost 25 lbs...I'm so proud of her!  And a little jealous :)  She uses an online food journal at
called The Daily Plate (it's free).  I tried it out's pretty darn cool...almost cool enough to make me want
to track what I eat...almost.

Well, that's all the photos from the
weekend.  You'd think an obsessed photographer like myself would
have tons...but you know, I just relaxed & didn't take any. 
Maybe tomorrow. 

Have yourself a fantastic Monday!

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  1. Looks like a fun weekend! I signed up on that website but haven't
    followed through with it. Maybe I should, after I make the spice cookies
    with pumpkin cream cheese dip that are in progress in the kitchen! :)
    And I finished Day 2/30 last night! Wahoo!