Thursday, October 22, 2009

A letter to my dear friend Rachel...

Dear Rachel,

there!  How've you been?  Been thinking about you a lot
lately... Hope all is well in the tornados, I hope! 
And hey, that new dog of yours is a doll!  Lucky little girl she

I see that you've opened up an etsy shop
I was surprised to see that it was full of all sorts of "old
stuff" know, the crap we've been purging out of our houses for,
like, forever.  (Trying to downsize). And I saw that you
had been hanging out at yard sales & thrift shops & I thought
"what the heck does she want that junk for?"  I hate those kind of
things.  But then I went to your shop & you had these amazing
"vintage" goodies...I was so excited, I bought this:


(which, I adore, by the way!)  Oh, and hey, what color is that wall?  Wanting that paint color badly...

Oh, and Madam Butterfly is hanging in the kitchen, next to my prized Kelly Rae Roberts prints.  (Did I tell you we sell those in the store now?  SO cute!)

And then you kept adding stuff...Baby Ben tempted!  And these cups...I may just need them..


Why, I don't know.  But now that you sell this stuff it looks way cooler!  Why is that??

And these?  OMG!  Do they happen to be big enough to be dog dishes?


apparently, the yard sales & thrift shops I had been to were not as
cool as yours.  So I thought to myself that it was time to check
out the shops here.  (Can't bring myself to go to yard sales yet...shudder).  Which was hard, because you know, I hate that sort of thing.  But the strangest thing happened...I found some seriously cool stuff in those shops! 
I bought a 1965 Royal typewriter for $10 this summer.  It lives in
my living room.  Kendall & her friends "text" each other on
it.  Best $10 I've ever spent!  And today I found some
seriously cool frames & old games at one shop.  Oh, and I
bought another typewriter...this one for the's electric with a
12pt courier ball in it...for just $5...score!   And then I
found this...for $4.95.  I know, lucky, right?


I am in love.  And I want to thank you for opening up my eyes to
all that junk around me so I could find a few gems.  And they are
all worth it.  Although, my husband thinks I've lost my mind...and
Kendall was having a conversation with me today & then looked in the
back seat & her conversation was stalled..."you bought another typewriter?"  Um, yeah.  It's cool.

Miss you bunches!  Come visit...please! 



PS I'm so inspired by my new pedestal bowl that I'm going to paint my craft room to match....shhhhh....don't tell Don....

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  1. thrifting is my obsession. i am glad it is now yours too. and oh how i miss you too...