Monday, October 12, 2009

Inventory is DONE!

We counted...and counted...and counted some more!  And we
finished early!  Did you know 25 sheets of cardstock weighs a
pound? My dad thought we should weigh some of the paper....after we'd
counted the cardstock by hand...but that's ok...we know for next time.

We thought we'd have to be closed until Wednesday, but we're going to be open at 12:30 today...and regular hours tomorrow! 

funny, but while I was doing my data entry I was overwhelmed by a sense
of wanting to scrapbook.  And counting all that paper & just
being more aware of what we've got...we'll that made me want to
create!  I'm a little sad the 30/30 Project is done...

See you soon!


  1. brings back memories...i can still manhandle a stack of cardstock like nobody's business.

  2. It must feel good to have that job behind you!