Monday, October 12, 2009

30/30 done!

Congratulations to everyone who participated in the 30/30 Project
Way to go!  Now, by no means do you have to be done...but have you
been inspired?  Have you created any of the pages?  If
so, did you sign up for the free crop on 11/7 from 5 pm to
midnight?  You don't have to be done to participate in the just had to participate in the project.  Space is
limited & they are filling up fast so make sure you get your name on
the list!

The 30/30 Project was supposed to inspire you to scrapbook.  To
create simple pages that tell your story.  They're not
elaborate...but they fit in to your daily life easily!  We've
enjoyed the project so much that we thought we'd continue with a page a
week for a bit.  We'll begin those on Mondays, starting November
2nd (there will be kits, too!)...we all need a breather, don't you
think?  And Heather is dying to do a 30/30 Project for cards...I'll
keep you posted on that!

Would you like us to do this say, 6 months? 

Please leave a comment with your thoughts on the 30/30 Project...others may be inspired by what you have to say!


  1. Loved the 30/30 project (even though I've only finished about 10 of the
    pages) and would love to do it again (cards, pages in 6 months,
    whatever)! It definitely inspired me to create's almost all
    I've thought about since Scrap Pink :-)

  2. I have completed 19 of the 30, and have full intentions of completing
    the last eleven. Life just got in the way. This has been SO fun. The
    best part is seeing the interpretations on your design. I have loved
    seeing your pages, and the pages that mimic your's but are not quite the
    same. The one's that have used your kit with their photos are cool too.
    It was an amazing challenge, but I can only muster up for it once a
    year. Every six months - no way. I'm having a hard time with this one

  3. I also loved the 30/30 project and have created quite a few. It was
    great seeing ways to accomodate many pictures in either the kits or our
    own creations. As many 4-H fair, and rodeo pictures I have done for the
    last thirteen years, it is nice to have new ways to scrap them, and
    pretty fast! Thanks - I like the ideas and cards would be fun too - who
    doesn't have birthdays, or thank you's to send?