Tuesday, September 8, 2009

You should read this...

This letter was waiting in my email this morning.  Thanks, Mindy! 

So you threw down the gauntlet and challenged us to
follow along to create 30 pages in 30 days. WOW! That's a lot of pages in a
short amount of time. Really short. But I started.


About 3 days into the challenge, I cranked out a
double page layout with stuff from my home stash. 2 down. Too many to go. Then I
snuck in another quick single page for a total of 3. So far so good right?


Then on the Friday before our long weekend, I
decided to not only catch up, but pull ahead by a few days to have a cushion in
case I get too busy in the upcoming weeks. Little did I know!


You taught me to put my pictures in those 4x6
storage sheets in an album and I took an entire day about a month ago to do
that. So now I can SEE them all, figure out what goes together and realize how
many sets I have accidently printed because I forgot I already had them. Anyway,
I grabbed about 6 sets of events realizing that I wanted to do a double page
layout of the event for my son's book, another set for my daughter's book, then
a set for my own personal book. So that makes 3 double page layouts that
essentially look nearly identical. I had a plan.


Then you invited us to a free crop on Saturday
while the store was open. I was fired up - motivated - and realized that with a
plan I was able to knock out almost 6 pages at a time. I repeated that process
on Sunday and again on Monday for Labor Day. When I went to bed Monday night, I
had completed 67 pages total. SIXTY SEVEN!!! I only had 2 small sets of pictures
left that still needed to be scrapbooked and I was so so so happy - but not for


Tuesday, I was clearing out a space in the
scrapbooking closet supplies (since I had used to many over the weekend) and
found a box. My heart dropped. My stomach flipped over. You know what was
in that box don't you? 19 years of random pictures. Before kids - when
kids were little - and misc stuff up until about 2008 or 2009. Where in the
world did all those come from? How had I missed them up there in that closet for
the entire year I have lived here? I went from a huge high to a stomach
clenching low.


Tonight my sweet husband sat down with me on the
couch and we started sorting through a 24 inch (not even kidding about that!)
high pile of pictures. As we went through them, we laughed and smiled and told
stories about what we remembered and only tossed about 4 or 5 inches of
unusable ones. What a wonderful time we had remembering our teenagers are sweet
cute babies with their favorite toys and blankets! We talked about trips we took
and how skinny and young we looked when we married and wondered how it was even
legal! Then we wondered how we could have gained, lost, and re-gained so much
weight as our kids grew (weight watchers starts tomorrow!).


So Kirsten, I wanted to thank you for offering such
a huge challenge to all of us to get busy getting our books up to date. And I
want to encourage all of you to go through those piles of pictures and take time
to enjoy them, talk about them, share them, and have FUN as prepare your pages
for this challenge and beyond. It's been a GREAT week and I still have plenty
more to do over the next 4-5 weeks.



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  1. Holy COW Mindy - 67 pages!!?!?!? I haven't done that many in all the
    years I have been paper collecting. Your accomplishment is simply