Tuesday, September 8, 2009

I have a confession to make...

Scrapbooking does not
always come easy to me.  Just like you, I rack my brain trying to
figure out what I want to do.  Really, I'm just trying to please
myself...and that's a hard thing to do.  I also don't like to be
forced to be creative.  So sometimes I look online for magazines...idea books...your pages.  And
there is nothing wrong with that.  Somewhere along the way,
someone misinformed a whole bunch of scrapbookers & told them
copying is wrong.  That is SO untrue.  Get your inspiration
where you can.  I hope you're participating in our 30/30 project.  I hope it's motivating to you.  Whether you like my pages or not, I hope you find inspiration in your own scrapbooking

Now I have to tell you, I did not want to scrapbook the photos for
day 6/30 (right below this post).  First off, that was a hard day
in my life.  I had just gotten out of the hospital from having
surgery.  I felt like crap & the photos show it.  Really,
who wants to scrapbook those kind of photos?  But Kendall was so
proud of her dinosaur...and my mom loved Kendall's 2nd grade teacher
& helped make all those dinosaurs.  And I had told myself that
in order to do this 30/30 project that I had to scrapbook whatever
photos happened to be sitting right in front of I was being
forced to be creative...with photos I didn't want to use.  Which,
as I stated above, I hate.  I stared at the photos for a bit &
then it kinda came together for me.  It's simple & I love
it.  The point I'm trying to make is that just because I own a
scrapbook store does not mean I am creative at the drop of a
hat.  I have road blocks, too.  And just like you I have
to push past them.

So if you're struggling with some photos that don't show you at your
best, give them a chance.  Create a layout.  Tell your
story.  It's not as hard as one might think...

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