Friday, September 4, 2009

How's it going?

Are you working on the 30/30 Project
Are the pages as easy as I promised?  Someone asked me the other
day if the pages would get harder...that's not really my plan.  My
plan is to make fast & easy pages that you could accomplish in under
30 minutes...using photos that you have on hand (thus some really bad
photos of my own!)  And I figure that it'll get more challenging as
you miss a few here & there...not that anyone is missing any...I'm
sure you're all completely caught up, right?  Next week I have a
video tutorial planned...but it's my first one ever & you might
think I'd been drinking because it's all over the place...but hey, cut a
girl some's my first video...ever! 

Don't forget we're having a FREE crop tomorrow at the store. 
From 10 am to 4 pm.  You can get help with your pages, if you'd
like.  Or work on something completely different.  Send your
husband to the fair with the kids & come hide out with'll be
much more fun that a billion screaming kids standing in the
rain...ooohhhh, wet goat lovely!  Maybe I should go to
the fair...then again, maybe not!


  1. I'd SO love to come in tomorrow, but the continuing education hours I've
    been procrastinating about are top priority with maybe some scrapping
    during brief breaks in between.

  2. wet goat poo? eeeewwww!!!

  3. I've finished 1/30 and 2/30. That's WAY better than I thought I'd do.
    And I have plans for 3/30 and working on 4/30. Scrapped 7 photos that
    never would have been scrapped. If I do all 30 pages and never scrap
    again all the insignificant cr@p from the last five years will be done,
    and all the really cool stuff of my life will be lost on my hard drive!
    Hee hee. Somehow I still feel that I have to give the significant
    pictures more time. Is that messed up or what? In any case, please
    order more black linen binders from We R Memories. I will buy 5 when
    they come in! I'm gonna need them! Thanks! I'm having fun cropping at
    home with your 30/30 challenge.

  4. Okay Kirsten, now you need to do a county fair animal page for that goat
    poo comment. ha What would Flagstaff be without labor day weekend
    rain? I haven't had a chance to put your challenge to work, but I plan
    to as I have a lot of county fair pictures to scrap and what a fast way
    to finish another year of random show pictures. Thanks for the
    opportunity to have a daily challenge.