Thursday, September 17, 2009

All I've got to say is....print your photos.


1369...that's how many photos are right there.  That's what
happens when I don't print photos often enough.  And the sad thing,
this is April through Kendall's Birthday (9/7).  In my defense,
there are about 300 family photos there from a photo that
knocks it down to 1069.  Still.  Good thing had a .10 cent sale...these photos will be going
straight into photo sleeves & into my scrapbook project.  As much as I like to look at my photos in iPhoto, there is nothing that compares to holding an actual photo.  They make my heart happy. 

Print your photos.  Please. 


  1. I agree, but it does seem daunting. I have a pile from this summer too,
    if that helps. no creative time left :(
    Love your new video clips/tips, thanks.
    Wanted to come last night and I lost time, can't wait to read about

  2. Oh wow. That makes the 200 I ordered two nights ago look like nothing.
    For all the advantages of digital, I rue the amount of time required to
    manage the photos (and I don't even do any editing to them!!!).

  3. I did, and between that and the 30/30, I'm churning out pages. Love it!