Thursday, September 10, 2009


Day 9 of the 30/30 Project


Here's what you'll need for this page:

  • two 4x6 photos and 3 smaller photos (you can use a 2"
    punch to make these smaller ones)  FYI The Old Skewl, 2009 is a
    photo of something Kendall wrote.  You can use journaling here or
    another photo

  • white cardstock for the base & a scrap for journaling

  • a 12x12 transparency (or printed paper with a flourish or other design in the right hand corner

  • four actual photo corners

  • scraps of black cardstock to make the big photo corners (see video)

  • a 4x12 piece of printed paper

  • glue dots (if you're using a transparency)

  • pop dots

Here's how I made my page:

  • tear one long side of the 4x12 strip of pattern paper. 
    Adhere to the page on the left hand side...straight edge to straight

  • apply a glue dot to each of the corners of the base page.  Adhere the transparency to the top of the base page.

  • arrange your photos. 

  • if you're working with transparency, you'll attach your photos with
    glue dots.  Regular adhesive does not work very well on the slick
    surface of a transparency.

  • Create photo corners out of some black scrap paper using a 1/2 inch
    punch and a 1 3/8 inch punch.  Watch the quick video for a demo.


Another kind of photo corner & working with transparencies from Kirsten Mead on Vimeo.

If you'd like to do this page exactly like mine, we have six (6) kits
available for today's project.  The kits are just $5 and include
everything you need to make the page, including the transparency,
photo corners & a sheet stamped with four different stamps for the
"Exhibit A" title.  All you'll need are glue dots!  Get yours
before they're gone!


  1. i LOVE the video. that is the coolest. i am going to make lots of photo corners now using your method.

  2. whoot whoot! I never knew you could do that... so easy!! Thanks for the tutorial!!