Tuesday, September 29, 2009

22/30 **Bonus Day**

Page 22 of the 30/30 Project


We used the new We R Memory Keeper Hybrid
Page Protectors for this 2 page layout.  They're fast...they're
easy...and everyone who has tried them has love them!  You can
still complete the pages without them, just mount the photos on a base

Here's a closer view of the left page:


This protector has a 2x12 inch strip of
cardstock in the side next to the holes for the album.  A little
tip for using these:  Adhere the front & back piece of the 2x12
inch strip together.  Put a glue dot on each end of one
side.  This will hold the strip in the protector & be mostly

Here's a closer view of the right page:


This page has a 6x8 page in it.  Love it!

And here are the backs of these pages:



If you'd like to create your page exactly like mine, there are six
(6) kits available today.  They include everything needed to make
two pages, including the hybrid protectors.  Kits are just
$5.  Get yours before they're gone!


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