Monday, August 10, 2009


I'm feeling a little melancholy today.  And I'm not sure
why.  The more I think about it, the worse it's getting.  It
could be because Kendall is starting 9th grade this week.  Or maybe
that she's turning 15 in less that a month...AND she doesn't want to
have a birthday party.  With her friends or with her family. 
It's so shocking to me that she doesn't want to have a party that now
I'm obsessed with it.  This is the girl who would start planning
her next years birthday party when all the guests from this years party
were why suddenly no party?  Somehow I feel like I've
failed as a parent.  I know, ridiculous, right?

10:10 am edited to add:  she doesn't want presents presents...what's up with that kid of mine?

On a happier note, I went to see Julie & Julia yesterday. 

I loved it!  Great movie!  I'm so glad that I read "My Life
In Paris" prior to seeing the movie.  Not a typical book for
me...I don't usually read non-fiction.  I'm more of a
murder/mystery/smut kinda girl (mix all 3 & you have the perfect
book!).  But I really enjoyed both the book & the movie. 
So much so that now I want this:


I'm a little afraid of it.  Reading "My Life in Paris" was eye
opening.  The things they ate.  Lots of fish...which isn't
bad, but they cooked it with the head & skin on...which completely
grosses me out.  And when you went to the market to get meat, it
still had fur on it...even hoofs attached.  Just typing that inched
me that much closer to being vegetarian.  Not there yet,
but ewwwww!  The funny thing about me wanting this 700 page
cookbook is that I hate to cook.  Maybe it's because I don't get
home until almost 7 every night...or that I suspect I may be ADD (which
is totally not a joke...I start reading a recipe & think "Oh, I can
do this!" and then improvise the rest of the recipe & wonder why it
sucks.  If I'd just followed the directions it might turn out
better).  Whatever the reason I just don't enjoy it.  But now
I'm obsessed with this book & for some reason think it will make me
love cooking.  Um, maybe I should start on a smaller
scale....  Maybe if I cook from it I will find that I really am passionate about cooking (that just made me laugh out loud!).  Still....

The deadline for the "Paint The Town Red" window display was extended
to Friday.  We hope to have ours up sometime Tuesday.  I have
to say, my mom crafted the most excellent paper items for our
display.  They are so good that a customer thought we had purchased
the items she made.  Nope.  Wait til you see!  I promise
to post photos, but really, you should come check it out...every single
thing is fabulous!  Even the charcoal briquettes!  The detail
is AMAZING!  (the lettuce is my favorite!)

After the "Paint The Town Red" display goes up we'll be working on
back to school.  I know.  Should have already done that. 
But we got so wrapped up in the Cardinals contest that it got put on
the back burner.  I've grabbed a stack of Kendall's school photos
& the plan is to make some page using them this week.  I have
some great ideas & we have some great school paper in the store that
should make it a breeze! 


  1. I loved the movie, too! And I too read "My Life in France" and thought
    it added so much to the Julie & Julia story.
    Hope you have a better day, Kirsten! Can't wait to see the display!!

  2. Seeing the movie is on my to-do list, but Jamie wants to read the book
    first. But we both thought it looked cute.
    Your "paint the town" display (what I've seen of it) is amazing! You
    guys have been doing an incredible job, so far my fav is the burger or
    the guac....they made me hungry just looking at them. I think you guys
    have it in the bag!
    Ps. Can't believe Kendall doesn't want a party...she still wants
    presents right..the world hasn't gone completely cock-eyed has it?

  3. Kirsten, No you did not fail as a parent. Zachary went through that
    stage (If that 's what we should call it). I think Kendall thinks she is
    to mature now to have all of the celebration (Kiddie stuff)part of her
    Here is what had happen in Zach case. I honored what he wanted for hid
    b-day.I did exactly what he wanted nothing! With this..
    Exception... he didn't know about! The very next day (not his b-day
    anymore), The family and I celebrated the following day..the way we
    always celbrate the kids birthday. I made a home made cake, ice cream,
    balloons, candels, presents, invited guest and made his favorite dinner.
    Because I felt after all I went through for him years prior (the labor
    and pain) to put him on this earth.
    I needed to celebrate the fact he was still on this earth and I haven't
    killed him yet for being such a turkey and stubborn on everyday stuff at
    the age of 14.
    To this day he has never said he wanted another b-day! Could it have
    been that I made him feel guilty... possibly..or was it all the giving
    birth programs that I made him watch on the TLC channel.... Who knows???

  4. So.. every single year, my mom had a birthday party for me... at school.
    It was cool, because all the kids liked that we had punch, pizza, prize
    bags, and cake. And so did I. But then, as I grew older, I noticed that
    I was the only kid who had parties. And not because it wasn't "cool",
    but because not all families were not as fortunate as I was. And my mom,
    she's awesome, because she goes all out and is like... so great. She
    thinks of all the details, all the little things. She really is amazing.
    When I got to a certain age, I know it sounds silly, and it is, but I
    really didn't like the attention. It embarrassed me. And it still does..
    maybe it's some sort of psychological thing too.. cause I hate pictures
    of myself... parties.. any sort of recognition! Weird... I don't know.
    It's not your fault! lol!

    Did we act like that?
    So glad you got yourself to a movie.
    The window is wonderful, you best win...