Friday, August 7, 2009

Paint the Town Red

Fridays during Cardinals Training Camp are fan days!  Wear your
Cardinals shirt to the store today & get a 10% discount off your
purchase.  Not bad for just wearing a shirt!

participating in the "Paint the town red" contest that the Flagstaff
Chamber of Commerce is putting on.  There are two
categories...outside decor & inside decor.  We're doing inside
decor & have been working on our display all week (takes a bit to
craft all those bits of paper).  You're supposed to show your team
spirit.  The Chamber is judging next will be
announced August 17th.  While I can't tell you what we're doing
yet, I can give you a sneak peek:
We want to win.  Bad.  Think we have a chance?


  1. Of course! With your talent and helpers, I am sure you will hands down!
    Good Luck!

  2. Amazing..just from the peek...I think you have more than a chance. (:

  3. Yes, you MUST win. Did you see what San Filipo Restaurant did? Please,
    show the Cardinals.. that we have MORE TEAM SPIRIT than that! lol.

  4. So cool! Can't wait to see the whole display! GOOD LUCK !!!!!!