Monday, August 17, 2009

A little inspiration...

Here's another
school photo of Kendall from the now nicely organized school photos
binder!  Lovin' this page, too!  The photo is
an 8x10, in case you were wondering, and it was taken in the spring
of her 6th grade year.  It remains one of my favorite photos of


Her shirt says "I
eat boys like you for breakfast".  The "flower" is just a strip of
paper that I pleated outof my scrap paper...lately I'm inclined to use
every bit of paper and not throw it in my scrap bin.  I
used the Rebel line from Glitz Desins & I'm lovin' it!  Here's
the flower a little closer:


The star brad was
gold, which wouldn't do.  So I tapped it on my Versamark pad &
dumped white embossing powder on it.  Heated it up & then
quickly dunked it back in the white embossing powder & heated it up
again...I'd recommend using pliars or long tweezers to hold the brad or
you'll burn the heck out of your hand.  If your embellishments
don't work as they come, then change them.  Enjoy!



  1. This is good motivation to get our portraits in our albums - a thought
    which already came to me earlier today when the topic of preparing for
    an evacuation came up (which hopefully will not be necessary, but it is
    good to be prepared, at least mentally).

  2. Super cute layout and picture. It's so funny because that picture is
    soooo Kendall and then again it's not. Can't believe how little she
    looks. I'm particularly enjoying the quote on her shirt. LOL