Friday, August 28, 2009

I have to apologize...

I've been a bad blogger this week.  I've been trying to adjust
to Kendall's school schedule (which, by the way, impacts my internet
time greatly, and I'm not happy about that). 
I've been to Phoenix twice in the past week to buy goodies for the
store...some of those goodies started arriving yesterday & we've put
them out (Pink Paislee Twilight and Amber Road...Bo Bunny...SRM Press
calendars...Sugar Tree travel papers...all of which are divine!) And
then there's this killer headache that I've had since Thursday
morning.  Not sure what that's all about but I'm ready for it to be

Anyway, all excuses aside, I can tell you blogging will
be back to normal on Monday.  I'll be revamping the blog...adding
the September Class Schedule (it's up at the store...just need to add it
to the site).  And then there's the September Contest Kit, the
August Contest Kit Winner, oh, and that 30 pages in 30 days thing I told
you about.  All of which I'm wildly excited about!  I hope
you are, too!  Oh, and I have to send the September Newsletter out
& the September birthday coupons...sure hope you're signed up for
our email list!  You wouldn't want to miss the monthly
emails!  If you're not on it, just send me an email with your name,
email address & the month of your birthday & I'll get you set

Seems this apology has turned into a to do list....I feel that headache coming back on...


  1. Kirsten, MM and the All Day were AWESOME! I had such a great time, and
    can't wait to do it again. It was good seeing you again...and even
    though I check your blog MULTIPLE times everyday I did not feel like you
    had been a bad blogger.
    PS. CANNOT wait to start the 30 days challenge...well, to be honest I
    already did..with the page you previewed (;

  2. Hope you feel better! Looking forward to the 30 day challenge!