Wednesday, August 12, 2009

From the Garden

enjoyed our first ripe tomato from our garden last night.  It was
the best tomato I've ever eaten.  Seriously.  And the first
one I've ever grown.  A little deformed...but it was yummy! 

My garden is off to a very slow start this's your garden doing?


  1. i have to say it. it looks like a butt. (isn't that a line from finding
    i love your tomato.

  2. Well, I have about 5 dozen tomatoes on my 2 plants, but they are all
    really green still! So jealous that you got to eat some already...I
    can't wait! My jalapenos are great...nice & hot...we've had about
    1/2 dozen and there are about a dozen more on the plant. The bell
    peppers are looking good too, just waiting for them to turn red. I have
    this terrible feeling that everything is going to be ripe and ready to
    eat when we're in Hawaii :-)

  3. Good job! I'd say your doing pretty well with the garden!!! Ours nearly
    died in June, the tomatoes even had this silvery stuff all over the
    leaves, but amazingly survived. Several plants almost resurrected! But
    no zucchini or anything yet. One grape tomato has been our harvest so