Monday, August 31, 2009

30 Pages in 30 Days

Yep.  You read that right.  Together, we're going to create 30 pages in 30 days.  Here's the deal: 

  • It's FREE to participate.  Honest to goodness.  FREE.

  • I'll post a page a day on the website and in the store in September/October...NOT including weekends.  We all need a break once in a, it'll give you a chance to catch up for the week.

  • That means you'll see pages September 1st thru October 12th.

  • The pages will have basic instructions and/or tips to complete them.

  • My goal is to use photos that are already in my photo sleeves.  (Don't know what I'm talking about?  Then click here to read all about it.

  • I'm using 4x6 photos.  No enlargements...who's
    got time for that?  Now occasionally, I might use an odd sized
    school photo...who doesn't have a ton of those?

  • These are simple pages Simple pages=done pages.

  • They are single page layouts.  I know, I
    know.  Many of you do double page layouts and that's great! 
    But when you are using the photo sleeves mixed in with your scrapbook
    pages in your album, double pages are not a necessity. 
    Honest.  Need a tip on how to make page 2?  Just ask!

  • You can use paper & embellishments in your stash.  If you would like to do the page exactly like I did it, we have made a limited number of kits for each of the pages that
    you can purchase for $5 each.  These pre-cut kits include a photo
    of the page, pre cut papers & if I used them, they'll contain two
    sheets of the QuicKutz letters I used.  Some page kits have die
    cuts on them...they'll be in the kits, too.  The first page uses
    diamond glaze...and that's in the kit.

  • Mark your calendars now:  Saturday, November 7th, we'll have a "30/30 Project" FREE Crop from 4 pm to 10 pm.  Participate
    in the project & you get to come to the crop!  Admittance is
    proof of pages...completed or is limited to 18 & if
    loads of you participate, then we'll open up another crop...however many
    crops we need, we'll have!

  • I've set up a new category, directly under the blog header named
    "30/30 Project".  All of the pages can be found there. 

  • I'd recommend that you do not wait til the end of the project to get started on it. 
    30 pages is overwhelming in a few days.  30 pages in 30
    days?  Not so overwhelming.  Promise.  Remember, these
    are easy.  Can't get your pages done each
    night?  Then come to a midnight Madness to work on them  In
    September, Midnight Madness is on Friday 9/11 and 9/18.  It's from 6
    pm to midnight.  You can easily create the weeks worth of pages in
    that time.

Do you have questions?  Post a comment here (because lots of you
may have the same question).  Feeling shy?  Then email me
directly at the email link in the upper right corner of the website.

Pages begin posting tomorrow.  I'm so excited!  Are you?


  1. YES! The thought of adding one more thing to life right now seems a
    little crazy, because I'm already feeling a little panicky about
    everything on the plate, but hopefully this will be therapeutic and will
    help me feel like I'm accomplishing something more than treading water!

  2. As I said on the other post, I'm SUPER excited. And the first page went
    together literally in minutes (I know I cheated, couldn't help myself
    when you previewed the page)...I think probably it took 15-20
    minutes...for a girl who specializes in 3-6 hour pages, that was
    probably the fastest page I have ever done. And guess what, I love it!
    It's super cute.

  3. I can't wait! I watched Laurie's page go together on saturday and she
    made the whole thing in just about the time it took me to pack up my
    stuff. It was impressive and I was sold. Nov. 7 is on my calander!

  4. I have done both days
    I was able to adapt the photos sitting on my desk to each of the
    I just may be able to reduce the size of the stack of photo down to
    something manageable by the end of the 30 layouts challenge
    I am having fun with the project