Monday, July 13, 2009

What a beautiful day!

I spent the morning walking with Audra...we even had a little extra
pep in our step (not sure where that came from...I was up to after 11
watching another disk of True Blood...that show is addicting...thanks
(Sam is my favorite character...not so much in the book...but in the show, uh, yeah.)

did a little gardening.  I don't know about you, but my garden is a
little anemic this year.  Just now things are starting to poor little pepper plants are itty bitty...even have an itty
bitty jalapeno...

Did I mention I got the Fuji Instax camera I had posted about here
model is a little different...but uses the same film.)  Bridget
thinks it's hilarious that I want to be a "guest book attendant"...but
really, I think it'll be cool (once I think of a cooler name!). 
Here are some of the shots I took Saturday, after work:
that's my "new" $10 1965 typewriter)  Ok...aren't those photos the
cutest thing you've ever seen?  They're the size of a credit, I love that little camera!  I might just have to see if
I can find them in the US...

that typewriter, too!  It'll be making it to the store soon for
you to use at Midnight Madness.  But right now, it just makes me
happy to see it in the middle of the living room.  Seriously
happy.  (Kendall had some friends over when we got it & the
"texted" each other on the typewriter...hilarious!)

Let's see, what news do I have for you?  Oh, I know....the store's demo model of this has arrived...
Yes, my friends, that's the new QuicKutz Epic 6
It's pretty cool, too!  So cool that I packed it up in it's box,
strapped it to my bike & rode home with it, intending to test it out
yesterday.  But the day was too it stayed in the
box.  It's headed back to the store today for you all to take a
test drive (not my bike, silly, the Epic 6!).  So far, it cuts
really, really well.  It's supposed to cut competitors dies,
too...but I haven't had a chance to try.  Heather & I tried
some dies that are notorious for not cutting all the way through
(Rollerskate, anyone?) & it cut through like butter...smooth! 

some of you have pre-ordred them...and I'm sorry to say, they're not
here yet.  I'm still waiting on a confirmation of their ETA. 
And some of you were holding off purchasing it because you wanted to see
it first.  Well, ours is here & I invite you to come in &
test drive it.  See what you think.  Bring a die, any die
& we'll try it out.  QuicKutz has some new-ish embossing
folders & I'm here to tell you, they work really, really well in
this machine.  I think I'm in love...

7/13/09 08:11 am Edited to add:  just got an email from QuicKutz...the Epic 6's are due to ship this week :)

And one last photo from the weekend:


A self portrait of me & AJ...ciao!


  1. AJ wouldn't be AJ without his signature "AJ expression". Too cute.

  2. My garden is pretty pathetic as well. Peppers are just starting to
    grow; they are maybe the size of my pinkie nail. I have two bouncy-ball
    sized tomatoes. I had a strawberry, but the birds ate it. Maybe its
    because summer started so late....

  3. I noticed the extra pep in our step as well! Shocked to see the time
    when I left your house. Took the extra time to read the People - and -
    you guessed it - late to work again!

  4. What a fun playful post! Made my lunchbreak!