Monday, July 20, 2009

Random Monday Musings

Lots of random things that really have nothing to do with each other, but fun, none the less.

friend Debra is a super talented card maker...if she's weren't so dang
busy running her husbands real estate office, I'd have her teach
classes.  Isn't this a cute birthday card?

Lately, my mom has
been helping some home schooler moms make posters of their kids for the
8th grade graduation that's being held in the valley.  It wasn't
until these gals that I actually remembered to take photos of their
Julie & Willow Smith.  Willow should be a model, don't you
think?  They were thrilled with their project!  So were' these


funny, but after they completed their projects, they weren't real keen
on hanging them at the graduation.  They thought they turned out too nice...they'll look lovely in a frame when they get home!


Zucchini in my garden...finally!  Seems like my garden is taking forever to grow this year...


how tiny my pepper plant is...the jalapeno is almost as big as the
whole plant!  Is that normal??  And there is another little
baby jalapeno at the top...go figure!


husband & I went to see Harry Potter in Phoenix Saturday...had to
get out of the heat!  And it was pretty good!  I didn't like
the last movie much...moody teenage angst...but this one was light &
fun.  I did not read the books, so I was simply entertained. 
I have a bad habit of reading the books first & then picking the
movies apart (Twilight, anyone?)  So I decided not to read
these...yet.  Kendall is currently obsessed with the books &
says they're so much better than the movie...which for her is a
switch.  She likes to tell me the movies are better than the

I hope you have the most fabulous of Mondays!  Stop by the store & have a cupcake with me!


  1. I'm the same way with picking apart the movies of books I've read! So
    much so that I usually won't see a movie if I loved the book. However,
    Potter is the exception. Of course, none of the movies even come close
    to the books (and it is hard for me not to pick them apart)...but they
    are usually good for a couple hours entertainment, so I try to get past
    my criticism :)
    So, I'm not familiar with orange Hostess cupcakes, but they sound
    yummy...hope you're enjoying your day full of goodies and coffee!