Thursday, July 2, 2009

My New Treasure

Look what I found at Hodge Podge Collectibles the other day:
That's not my
actual typewriter...mine has not a scratch on it...but it looks just
like this.  It's a 1965 Royal Empress...and it's cool!  Better
yet, it was only $20.  Cannot wait to use it!  Already,
Kendall has been playing with it & I heard her tell her friend that
she loved it.  It doesn't have a ribbon in it yet, but she was
typing away last night.  My husband teased the heck out of me for
buying it, but it's SO cool!  How could I not?  I think I
might put it in the classroom for you to use for journaling.  What
do you think?


  1. That is soooo cool! Last year on one of my pages I had to look for a
    "typewriter" computer font to get that "classic" look. And it's great
    Kendall tried it. Has she seen a walkman? There was an article online
    about a 13 year old who tried out that oh-so novel technology...he
    wasn't impressed. LoL

  2. I have seen the new to Kirsten typewriter in person - and we definitely
    want it in the classroom!

  3. I would SO use it if it were at the store! It's super-duper cute! Way
    cuter than my old Smith-Corona was that I had to buy for college.
    (Guess you have to buy a laptop for college nowadays...)