Thursday, July 16, 2009

Happy Birthday to me!

Well, actually, my birthday is Monday, July 20th.  I've been
here 41 years, 361 days as of right now.  Not calling myself 42
yet...just sounds so, well, old.  Funny thing is, I don't
feel any older...maybe a little wiser, but not older.  And I bet
you didn't know, but the first man landed on the moon during my second
birthday party.  My mom said my Uncle Les set up his camera in
front of the tv & took photos of the whole thing.  I just sat
in my high chair & shoved ice cream & cake in my
face...perfectly content.  (not much has changed about me...except I
don't love ice cake?  That I could eat every


Anyway, since Monday is my birthday, I thought I'd bring in cupcakes to share with you all. 
And I do love cupcakes!  Chocolate are my favorite...but we'll see what
kind I decide to make (or know, in case I'm running
late...which is what usually happens). 


So come on by the store & share a cupcake with me on my birthday (Monday).  And if you bring me a birthday card, I'll give you a 10% discount on your purchase Monday. 
(that's one way to get a bunch of cards!)  You get bonus points if
you make it :)  Not that I'm giving points or anything...


  1. Happy 41st! Keep on feeling young girlfriend! If you figure you could
    well live to be 90, you have more than a whole other of your current
    lifetimes to Live, Explore, Learn and Celebrate! Think of the
    possibilities - enhanced by the lessons you've learned so far. You
    really ARE young!

  2. HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Kirsten! My birthday is the day after yours! ...
    how cool is THAT?! Unfortunately for me, I'm a few years older than
    you too. dang!
    Wish I was up north to have a cupcake with you and enjoy the cool