Monday, July 6, 2009

The 4th of pictures

watched the 4th of July parade every year from this same spot...since
Kendall was a baby.  (it's a great spot!)  And because of
that, I could post photos of the parade from, say 3 years ago & they
would look exactly the same.  But I promise, these photos are from
this year :)  The guy holding the US flag is our good friend Dave
Saurer.  We sat with his family during the parade.

enthralled with the Hopi dancers.  I love their traditional dress
& costumes...well, except those flip flops that I just noticed.

As scrapbookers, we document the history we make.  How cool is that?

The little boy in this sailor suit just melted my heart.  He was SO cute!

clever demolition derby car!  I was struck by how all those
"portholes" were perfectly lined up.  Someone takes great pride in
the cars they're about to demolish.  Impressive!

These horses were stunning.  HUGE, too.

Using an old lens (that I don't love) but I love this photo!

& Kelsey, enjoying the parade.  The best part of the
parade?  The guys standing behind us would suddenly burst into song
& sing "I love a parade!" and after a few times, the guys across
the street would sing back to them "We love a parade!"  I have to
say, I loved this year's parade...really & truly enjoyed it!

I have no idea who this little girl is.  But I can honestly say, she is the most beautiful child I've ever seen. 

I have a challenge for you:  print out your 10 favorite photos from the weekend and create a 1 or 2 page layout and journal
(it doesn't have to be deep...just list your favorite parts of the
weekend).  Lets knock it out now, while it's fresh in your
mind.  Email me your pages & I'll post them.  Or post a
comment linking your page to your blog.   Come on now, it'll
be fun!  Promise! 

What was my favorite part
of the weekend?  Well, I didn't take my camera (imagine that!), but
we went on a 4 hour bike ride.  Audra, Don & I rode from
around Foxglenn Park, down the Urban Trail to Ft. Tuthill then to
Ponderosa Trials, where we picked up MacKenzie, over to Campus Coffee
Bean for coffee & 9 grain toast (a little bit of heaven, let me tell
you!) & back home on the Urban Trail.  I hesitate to tell you
how beautiful it was...only because it was also deserted & simply
breathtaking.  Would want it to get all congested now, would
we?  Here's a link to the map. 

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  1. That is Zumara! She comes to Stroller Strides with her mom, Laura. I'll send her this link! Great picture!!