Friday, July 31, 2009

August Page Contest Kits

available & they're oh, so cute!  The Prima papers are double
sided...I love the cursive thickers!  And the princess crown? 
Love it!  Get yours before they're gone...just $19!

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Friday Cardinal Fan Days

09trainingcamp (logo from

My husband is a die hard Arizona Cardinals fan.  Even
when they were losing all the time.  He kept the faith &
believed they would overcome adversity...and they have!  So with
the Cardinal's coming to Flagstaff for Training Camp this weekend, we
would like to support my husbands favorite team by offering you, my
loyal readers, a 10% discount off your purchases on Fridays during training camp when you wear a Cardinals t-shirt or ball cap. 

Is it really just on Fridays?  Yep.

Is it really just during Training Camp in Flagstaff?  Yep.

You know, red really isn't my color.  Do I have to wear a shirt or cap with the Cardinals on it?  If you want the discount, yep you do.

And you know the drill:  Cardinals Training Camp discount may
not be combined with any other discount or coupon & can only be used
on in stock products.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Thursday Make-n-Take for $1


Isn't it great?!  Andi designed this lovely tag...come on by & make one...or make 12...they're just $1 each!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Scrap Pink Dates & Other News

  • This year our annual Scrap Pink 3 Day Crop
    will be held on Friday September 25th thru Sunday September
    27th.  (I keep putting the wrong date on everything...but this
    one is the correct date!) Cost is $125 for 3 days
    worth of cropping & includes:  dinner Friday, lunch Saturday
    brunch Sunday.  Plus, there will be a great make-n-take, prizes
    MORE!  Sign up now to reserve your fills up fast! Hours are Friday 4 pm to Midnight, Saturday 8 am to Midnight and Sunday 8 am to 4 pm.

  • Fall Open House & Handmade Bazaar
    It's Wednesday, September 16th from 5-8 pm.  We'll have snacks &
    drinks & a fun crafty goodie for you to make (it's a surprise!) 
    And if you'd like to sell your handcrafted items, we have table space for Kirsten for more information!

  • Are you a
    card maker?  Do you make delightful dolls?  What about wall art?  Do
    you sell your handmade items at craft bazaars?  If so, we're looking
    for you!  About Memories & More is looking for crafters who want to sell their handmade items on consignment in the store.  Email Kirsten at for details! 

This information was in the Wednesday Sale email...along with the
sale information (20% off all in stock scrapbooks & page
protectors).  Are you on our email list?  
Click the email me link at the top right of the page & request to
be added to the email list.  You'll receive one weekly email that
lets you know what's going on at the store as well as the Wednesday Sale
each week.

What to do with a bazillion photos.

A bazillion?  Really, I'm not kidding.  I was an obsessed picture taker before
digital.  Took rolls & rolls of photos.  Developed every
last duplicate...and kept them.  I shudder to think about
all the money I spent on photo processing.  Then digital cameras
came along.  And my obsession exploded!  I did a post about
what I do with all my dang photos on September 11, 2008.  At that
time, my iPhoto said I had 3,436 photos on my computer.  Today,
July 28th, 2009 it says I have 6,210.  That is 2774 10
months.  And that's only what I kept.  Seriously.

as much as I'd like to tell you that I scrapbooked all 2774 photos, I
didn't.  Not even a reasonable possibility for me...or anyone
else.  All I have to say is thank goodness for the We R Memory
Keeper 4x6 photo sleeves!  Honestly, they've saved my sanity.
You can read about my whole process & what I did with over 30 photo boxes filled to the brim with photos here. 

In a nutshell, what I do is print all of my photos.  Yep, all of them.  (I use
because I love their customer service, the quality of their prints,
that you have online storage for your photos...really, everything about
them).  Unfortunately, I seem to only be organized enough to do it
about every six months or so...which is why I print them all.  I
don't want to sit there & look at every photo & try to determine
if I really want to print it or not.  It would take hours that I
don't have. 

Then I put all of my photos into the We R
Memory Keeper 4x6 photo sleeves (one pack has 25 pages & holds 300
photos).  And then I put them in my favorite album, which is a We R
Memory Keepers Silverstone Linen 12x12 Ring Binder.  At this
point, I feel caught up.  Sometimes I'll leave a blank photo slot
to put a 4x6 journaling block or mini scrapbook page.  Other times,
I'll go back & scrapbook 2 or 3 of my favorite photos from an event
& journal.  That page goes right next to the photo sleeves in
my album.  That's why I use the ring binders.  It's super easy
to move your pages all around.  And one album holds up to 50 photo
pages.  When you start adding bulky items to your pages that
number goes down, but that's still an impressive amount of photos. 
And here's the deal, when your photos are in albums, you are caught
up.  Read that sentence again:  when your photos are in albums, you are caught up.  And feeling caught up is 99% of the battle of scrapbooking. 

like to challenge you to print your photos & put them into
albums.  I promise you, it'll feel like a weight has been lifted
from your shoulders.  Once they're in albums, you'll want to scrapbook again.  Knowing that you don't have to scrapbook everything is so...refreshing

last thing, the reason I use the We R Memory Keepers albums &
protectors is because I feel that they are the best on the market. 
Plain & simple.  They've been making albums for 80
years.  I think they have it down by now.  But just because
that's what I use doesn't mean you have to use them.  What you have
to do is get those photos off your computer....before you can't get them off your computer.  Know what I mean?

****just noticed on the
website that 4x6 prints are just .12 cents each until July 31st...all
of their photos are on sale...I'll be uploading tonight!****  (I'm
not affiliated with them in any way, shape or form...just someone who
loves the product they deliver)

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Lunch with Friends

I was lucky enough to have a week long birthday celebration...and I
enjoyed every last minute of it!  From surprise gifts from
customers & friends, to lunch out with Marie & breakfast out
with Sherrine, to a BBQ with family & the most delicious cupcakes I
think I've ever had at Audra's, the fun just didn't stop.  As with
all good things, they must come to an end.  And Sunday ended
splendidly!  Audra had a birthday bash for me at her beautiful
home.  She made great food & excellent cocktails.  The day
was perfect!  Here are a few photos of some great friends that I'd
like to share with you!  (you might just recognize a few!)

My most favorite appetizer of all time.  Bacon wrapped jalapeno thingies from The Pioneer Woman.  SO very good!

These chocolate cupcakes were filled with pudding & had the best frosting ever.  So good that I had two.

Beautiful floral arrangements...

Check out all that yummy food! 

gave me flowers from her garden.  I have no idea what the yellow
ones are, but they were all heart cool is that!  (And
no, she didn't cut them that way, silly!)

Bridget & me.  Self portrait.  Can you tell?

Pretty purple balloons.

Pretty Kelly & baby Wyatt (Sherry's new baby).

Sherry & Renae.

Micky, the gal with the seriously cool flowers.

And Jeannie.

And Mindy.  She teaches the most awesome classes at the store!

Here we are in all our glory!  Thank you girls for making this a truly special birthday!

Kids Classes

Thought I'd share a little from the Kids Crafting class last
Thursday.  The kids were SO creative!  They made the most
awesome projects!  We made butterfly wall hangings that they really
took their time on & did their best work.  See for yourself:

That's Maggie.

And Alyssa.

And Holly.

And Kirsten...although I think I just spelled her name wrong...but it sounds just like mine :)

girls finished their projects & we headed to Little Cesars for
pizza.  With a little time left in class, I taught the girls how to
make the cupcake card we did in a make-n-take
a few weeks ago.  Then I let them loose with a smaller punch &
told them to make their own cards.  Man, those girls were
CREATIVE!  Check these out:

added the cherry on top...even a little stem!  The big cupcake
uses a 3" scallop punch & the baby cupcakes use a 2" scallop
punch.  The cupcake wrappers are just free hand cut & then run
through a paper crimper, which is honestly a greatly under used
tool.  Glad to rediscover it!

These are Kirsten's.

not having the kids class this week, but will be having one more before
school starts the first week of August.  The kids have fun...the
mom's don't stay...and I get to play with the kids for 2 hours, which I
truly & utterly enjoy!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Thursday Make-n-Take


make-n-takes are just $1 each.  Make this cool flower from a strip
of's addicting!   See you Thursday!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

A Sweet Surprise!

A few months ago I posted about Amy Butler
& some great fabric & paper designs that she has.  Really,
her stuff is right up my alley!  Love the colors...the
patterns...well, everything about it!  Who knew that people
actually read this blog? Well, now I know they do!  Look what Marian Bitsui made me:


made me this beautiful Amy Butler apron...I LOVE it!  Thank you,
Marian!  I wore it all day yesterday...will likely wear it all day,
every day!  It's perfect!

July Contest Entries

Here are the entries we received for July...make sure to come cast
your vote!  Whoever wins gets a $20 gift certificate to About
Memories & More!  August contest kits go on sale Saturday,
August 1st...and they're really cool!


Birthday Cards

I received so many great birthday cards this week that I thought I'd
share them with you...great cards everyone!  (these are in no
particular order...I love each & every one of them!  THANK

From Gisela Scott

From Christine Brooks

From Marian Bitsui

From Mindy Fisher

From Heather Kamin


From Jamie Miele

From Kelly Miller

From Terri Young

Monday, July 20, 2009

Random Monday Musings

Lots of random things that really have nothing to do with each other, but fun, none the less.

friend Debra is a super talented card maker...if she's weren't so dang
busy running her husbands real estate office, I'd have her teach
classes.  Isn't this a cute birthday card?

Lately, my mom has
been helping some home schooler moms make posters of their kids for the
8th grade graduation that's being held in the valley.  It wasn't
until these gals that I actually remembered to take photos of their
Julie & Willow Smith.  Willow should be a model, don't you
think?  They were thrilled with their project!  So were' these


funny, but after they completed their projects, they weren't real keen
on hanging them at the graduation.  They thought they turned out too nice...they'll look lovely in a frame when they get home!


Zucchini in my garden...finally!  Seems like my garden is taking forever to grow this year...


how tiny my pepper plant is...the jalapeno is almost as big as the
whole plant!  Is that normal??  And there is another little
baby jalapeno at the top...go figure!


husband & I went to see Harry Potter in Phoenix Saturday...had to
get out of the heat!  And it was pretty good!  I didn't like
the last movie much...moody teenage angst...but this one was light &
fun.  I did not read the books, so I was simply entertained. 
I have a bad habit of reading the books first & then picking the
movies apart (Twilight, anyone?)  So I decided not to read
these...yet.  Kendall is currently obsessed with the books &
says they're so much better than the movie...which for her is a
switch.  She likes to tell me the movies are better than the

I hope you have the most fabulous of Mondays!  Stop by the store & have a cupcake with me!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Happy Birthday to me!

Well, actually, my birthday is Monday, July 20th.  I've been
here 41 years, 361 days as of right now.  Not calling myself 42
yet...just sounds so, well, old.  Funny thing is, I don't
feel any older...maybe a little wiser, but not older.  And I bet
you didn't know, but the first man landed on the moon during my second
birthday party.  My mom said my Uncle Les set up his camera in
front of the tv & took photos of the whole thing.  I just sat
in my high chair & shoved ice cream & cake in my
face...perfectly content.  (not much has changed about me...except I
don't love ice cake?  That I could eat every


Anyway, since Monday is my birthday, I thought I'd bring in cupcakes to share with you all. 
And I do love cupcakes!  Chocolate are my favorite...but we'll see what
kind I decide to make (or know, in case I'm running
late...which is what usually happens). 


So come on by the store & share a cupcake with me on my birthday (Monday).  And if you bring me a birthday card, I'll give you a 10% discount on your purchase Monday. 
(that's one way to get a bunch of cards!)  You get bonus points if
you make it :)  Not that I'm giving points or anything...

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Thursday Make-n-Take

We're making bags out of envelopes.  Very cool!  And just $1 each!  See you Thursday!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

This week...

What an exciting week!  First, I just found out I'll be teaching the "Little Things That Bring Me Joy" book at the October Creating Keepsakes Convention in Glendale
Woohoo!  I'm teaching the class twice...Friday afternoon at 3:10
and then again Saturday morning at 8:30.  If you missed out on the
times we offered it at the store maybe you can join us there! 

But you don't have to wait because I'm teaching it tomorrow (Wednesday) at 11 am. 


And check out this cool project I made for the kids class this Thursday (11 am to 1 pm)


Here's another shot of it...
When the kids finish it in 30 seconds or less we'll be making some cards (kids are FAST!) 
The kids class includes pizza & lasts for 2 no coupons
on this class...sorry!  But it's a steal at $12!

Let's see, what else is going on....OH!  Midnight Madness Friday night from 6 pm to Midnight....Mindy is teaching the Holly Berry House card class
at 10:30 Saturday morning and then the altered dominos at 1:30. 
You can check the projects out in person at the store...they are SO cool!  And Mindy is an excellent teacher!  You're sure to have fun with her!

6a00d8341cc52453ef011570accd09970c-500wi 6a00d8341cc52453ef011571a1f508970b-500wi 6a00d8341cc52453ef011571a1f747970b-500wi-1

are still a couple of openings for the All Day Crop on Saturday, July
25th.  It's just $28 & includes lunch & a great
make-n-take.  Plus, it's 12 hours of scrapbooking & having fun!

last thing, the entries for the July Contest Kit are due this coming
Monday, July 20th (hey, that's my birthday!).  There's still time
to pick up a kit & get your entry in!  Contest time is becoming
one of my favorite things to look forward all are just SO
creative!  It's inspiring!