Friday, June 19, 2009

Wish Lists

I realize this is a blog for a scrapbook store.  Sometimes I get
carried away & forget about that & just post about what teenager (who is being quite delightful lately) adorable
husband...and things I want (that have nothing to do with
scrapbooking).  Well, this is one of those posts.  And if you
bear with me, I have a little giveaway at the bottom :)

Here's a list of things that I personally think I cannot live without but I'm pretty sure I'll have to, damn it.

1.  The Flip Mino...with a really cool skin.
I need it?  No.  Do I want it?  Yes.  In theory,
I'd be able to do tutorials & post them to the blog.  But I
could do that with my camera.  It just wouldn't be quite as easy
& it's definitely not as cute.

2.  The Kindle DX.
do I need it?  No.  But man, I'm an avid reader & it
would be cool to have 3500 books in one little place.  I struggled
with whether I would enjoy not turning the pages of a book...and have
decided that yep, I want the Kindle DX.  Bad.

3.  Fujifilm Mini Instax and just about everything at the Lomography
website.  They have so much cool stuff...I need to read everything
on their website....but the mini instax is easy & I just may get
This one's a fish cool!


Aren't they cool?  And they'd be even cooler to use in my new
(additional) profession of being a guest book girl (kinda like those old
fashioned cigarette girls...but not bad for your health...ha ha!)

4.  The iPod Touch.


iPod died.  Now I want this one...but I don't really need
it.  When would I use it?  I walk with Audra.  She might
think it was rude of me to listen to that & not her....

And now for the giveaway portion of my post.  Thank you for
bearing with me while I drooled over lovely electronic gadgets that I
can't possibly live without (but have to, damnit!).  You may or may
not recall that I love the Gin Blossoms.  Ever since I saw them at
the Tempe Music Festival last year, I just love them.  (late
bloomer, I know).
you may or may not know that the Gin Blossoms are coming to Flagstafff
June 27th.  I got a little excited & bought a bunch of
tickets...too many it turns out, since kids under 15 are free with a
parent.  So I'm giving away 2 tickets to see the Gin Blossoms next
weekend.  What do you have to do to win?  You have to post a
comment telling me what gadgets (electronic or not) you're drooling
over....that's it!  So here's the contest, in a nutshell:

Post a comment on this post about the gadget
you want most in the world & why. 
On Monday, June 22nd at noon, I'll randomly select
one winner who will receive (2) tickets to see the
Gin Blossoms at the Pine Mountain Ampitheater
on Saturday, June 27th. 

Here's a link to Hey Jealously...a most excellent song!


  1. Not a little gadget, but I want a letter press. Oh the fun we could

  2. I would like a 12x12 printer so I can print scrapbooking pages (or scan
    them too)...we looked at them awhile back and decided they were too
    expensive. But I'd still like one. Oh and um, and Gin Blossom tickets
    would be cool too! I LOVED Gin Blossoms we saw them in high school
    (Jeff and I). They now live on my Ipod. I think I Like Until I Fall
    Away best...and Found Out About You...okay, really there isn't a song on
    New Miserable Experience that I don't like. Haven't heard any new
    stuff they even have new stuff?

  3. Hmm gadget I'm drooling over the most. I would love to get an
    embroidery machine or a cool sleek laptop. Gin Blossoms are awesome
    I've listened to them since high school.

  4. Hmm I'm thinking I probably need an ipod or a laptop. Not that these
    are "new" gadgets, but recent hotel trip awakened me to the fact that
    hotel rooms now have MP3 players instead of CD players (which is what
    I'm still using). And seems the home computer is always busy with kids
    using it, thinking it is time for my own laptop..
    Seems there is a revival of music I listened to a while back, kinda fun
    since my son plays drums and told me recently his "new" favorite band
    was Journey. Who woulda ever thought!

  5. Josh was all set to get me a Kindle for my birthday, but I said
    absolutely not. I thought it was way too expensive, and I really LOVE
    actual, physical books. But now that I have seen one in person, I am
    totally kicking myself. They are so neat and convenient!

  6. I've always wanted at Iphone. I've got an Ipod Touch and a Blackberry,
    so I've never gotten the Iphone because it is totally overkill. I LOVE
    the Ipod Touch; so much more user-friendly than the blackberry, so I can
    only imagine how much I would love it as a phone. But, alas, work pays
    for my phone and Verizon doesn't carry the Iphone. I'll keep
    dreaming.... Oh, and I want one of those mother of all corner rounders
    than Lyn has been taunting me with....

  7. I want all the technology that hasn't been invented yet, like a
    dishwasher that not only washes the dishes but also puts them away, or a
    self-organizing refrigerator. In the best of worlds, my refrigerator
    would be able to detect expiration dates on food, and throw away the
    stuff that has expired.
    And okay, I'll take one of those cool pink cameras you show. How could
    you not want one of those?

  8. I'm trying not to want 'things', as I have too many 'things' already
    that I need to get rid of, but I sure would like a camera with a good
    macro lens.