Monday, June 1, 2009

Trying something new...

June 1st.  Can you believe it?  Summer is my most
favorite time of the year...and it's here!  I love the longer
days...the warm weather...even the hot weather...I love the flowers
blooming & the fact that it's time to have a garden again...I love
Movies on the Square (downtown)...I love that it's light out when I walk
before 5 am...ahhhh, sweet summer! 

Unfortunately, my to do
list is longer than ever.  I have housework out the
wazoo....dusting?  You should see the creative way the spiders have
been making webs at my it such a bad thing to consider them
art?  And I've been pulling weeds to the point where I can barely
move...yet they keep sprouting I've decided that the start of a
new month should be the start of a new plan...kinda like when you go on a
diet....but hopefully successful!  It's so simple, too.  I'm
setting a timer for all the projects I want to accomplish.  See, I
turn on the computer to do my blogging...catch up on my favorite
websites...and the next thing I know, it's time to get in the shower
& get to work because I'm going to be late.  Every day. 
No more.  Now I'm setting the timer on the stove for 30 minutes to
do something so not fun but needs to be done.  This
morning it was weed pulling...and then gave myself 45 minutes for
blogging & surfing the internet (it's like eating a donut after
taking a stroll around the block...probably not so productive, but
sounds good!)  When that dinger goes off I'm off to get ready for
work...where a whole 'nother set of issues begins.  I have lots to
do at work but I seem to drop everything the second I get an
email.  So today, I'm not going to check my email constantly...I'm
going to close Outlook....I'll pick a random time to check
it...ONCE.  And then once more before I come home.  I
know.  Doesn't sound like much, but the thought of not having it
on...well, it's frightening.  And let's not even talk about
Facebook...not for me, today, thank you.  Let's see if I get my
ever expanding to do list done...

How do you keep on
task?  How do you get it all done?  Do you let the dust just
pile up?  The weeds grow so tall it looks like wilderness? 
How often do you check your email?  Facebook?  Leave me a
comment & let me know what works for you (and what doesn't) and I'll
randomly choose a winner...for a grab bag of scrapbooking stuff. 
I'll pick a winner Wenesday, June 3rd at noon.  How's that for

By the way, on my to do list today is to post
photos of the June classes.  They're up at the store...the schedule
is post on the website here...I just haven't gotten the photos taken.  Gotta run...time is ticking!


  1. I keep on task by using what I like to call a "homemanagement notebook".
    Which is basically a fancy name for a pretty binder I have that has 5
    dividers that i keep stuff in. One is "lists", which is lists of stuff.
    How clever! lol. Lists like, grocery lists, I want this lists, Honey Do
    lists, Lists of things I need to get done, etc. Then I have a
    "schedules" divider. This is a section of calendars of local events, my
    church calendar, calendar for birthdays, am+m calendars, etc. I have a
    section for "ideas and inspiration". Like, I'll write down a couple of
    websites down that are cute, but I don't want to favorite just yet. Or
    sketches of a project I am noodling. Maybe a layout of how I want to
    rearrange my kids room. My other sections are finances and important
    info. It sounds really cheesy and maybe borderline OCD organized. But in
    all reality it's helpful and it keeps all my thoughts in one place when
    it comes to home. I also love that when I have a thought, I have a
    specific place to write it down. I keep it stocked w graphing paper and
    college ruled paper.... Of course I don't accomplish everything in my
    notebook. But at least I won't forget and sometimes just writing it down
    makes feel like I'm on the right track. Proactive, you know?
    I check my email twice a day. Once in the morning, and once at the end
    of the day. If I actually am bored out of my mind or I just want to be a
    bum, I'll check it midday a few times. I got rid of my facebook
    account because it became crackbook. So I really needed to cut it cold
    turkey. lol.

  2. I thought I was organized, then I read Marian's post! I think I see a
    notebook in my future. :)
    As of late, I feel like I accomplish so much less than I used to and am
    not nearly as productive as I once was so I have been trying to tackle
    this issue in my own home.
    I keep a running to do list and am constantly adding and crossing off of
    it. I love to cross off as it gives me a sense of accomplishment. :)
    When I think of something I need to do - be it something I need to pick
    up, a phone call, a chore, etc... I jot it down. I keep it on my desk
    so I can refer to it throughout the day.
    I also made a notebook of all my website log-ins and passwords and keep
    right by my computer.

  3. This explains why you haven't responded to the email I sent earlier

  4. Sometimes I make a list of my "to dos" and then cross them off. It
    really helps me to stay on task. I also try not to freak out about the
    smaller cleaning dusting. I tend to focus on the 'bigger
    house hold jobs...making sure toys r picked up, can see the kitchen
    counter (catch all space!), hubby hasnt nested a pile of paperwork, pile
    of shoes end up in the closet, etc. Also as long as the house is
    vacuumed, laundry and dishes r done, oh yah, dinner is made...I feel
    like that's good enough!! LOL Now on to the computer.....Im not so
    good about not checking Facebook. It's so addicting. Why did I get
    involved? LOL A problem I have is fitting in scrapbook time....I know
    if I got off this computer Id have more time!! LOL

  5. I can entirely relate to what you wrote!!! A timer has been helpful on
    occasion. A couple of times when I have shut the computer off for the
    morning or some other period of time, I have been much more productive
    as well. After reading this post, I'm going to try again!

  6. There's no doubt that I am ADDICTED to my computer. I only allow myself
    to be on it for an hour after I get home from work. As far as
    housework goes, I have a list of chores that are the 'regulars'. I
    start at the top of the list. One chore per day for 15 minutes. That's
    it. Laundry doesn't count. I just do all laundry on the weekends.
    When I have a day where I am off of work AND my husband is off too
    (which is very rare), then I claim an Unplugged day where there is NO
    computer, TV, phone, etc.

  7. Since I work out of my home I can quick check my e-mail on the way past
    the computer through out the day, how busy it is with the kids dictates
    how often and how much I actually respond. As far as getting stuff done
    in the house, Sunday is my cleaning up to get ready for the week day
    and I do the deep cleaning like the bathrooms and such. Through out the
    week I'll vacuum upstairs one day and then downstairs the next. I
    actually enjoy vacuuming so I do it alot. At the end of the night I do a
    quick run through of the house (before I read, watch tv, or
    whatever..tidying up, doing dishes etc)so the house starts out looking
    fairly nice the next day.

  8. I love the timer idea. THink I am going to have to do that for me now!
    Maybe if I did the timer idea I could scrapbook a little bit more and be
    able to call a friend or two and or stop by at the store to talk to

  9. If I really need to stay on task I make a list and cross things off when
    done. It keeps me going since crossing things off the list seems to be a
    motivation and a little quickstep when i can throw the list away. For
    some reason writing it down versus keeping tabs mentally makes all the
    difference. Makes no sense but works. As to the computer, it not to
    bad at nite or the weekends but I do have trouble not checking facebook
    and email at work. (Bad I know)It must be because I'm already on it and
    it is so easy to toggle over.Have to really watch that, find myself
    spending more time personally then working. (Like now!)