Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Time Mangagement & an Amy Butler Distraction

Monday, not checking my email was a great time
manager!  I accomplished SO much!  I spent the whole day with a
knot in my stomach...who knows who might be emailing me & I might
be missing it?  Turns out, they can wait.  By not obsessing
over email & internet surfing, I was able to rearrange the whole
front of the store...the counter...the wedding stuff...SO very
much!  I vowed to do it again Tuesday.  Which didn't work out
so well.  Found myself sucked into it all again....didn't set the
timer, which I should have....and didn't set it today either.

of today, my intention was to check my email, maybe blog a little &
then watch my first video message from my "Everyone Can Write a Little"
class with Cathy Zielske.  We're actually starting week 4
tomorrow...but I haven't watched week 1 because it is 54 minutes
long.  So I still haven't watched it...I've been online for 1 hour
& 15 minutes.  I have to say, the 15 minutes extra is because
typepad lost my post.  It was there...and then it wasn't....but I
digress.  The other hour I spent looking for a new binder to
organize my tasks (thanks to ideas from Marian & Kelly!) but I
didn't find one.  And somehow I ended up finding a bedding set by Amy Butler on the Decor8 blog
(which is fabulous!) I went from binders to comforters I couldn't
tell you.  But what I can tell you is...I'm in LOVE.  It is
PERFECT!!!  And finding that comforter led me down the path of no
return...and I found even MORE Amy Butler things I can't possibly live
without.  Here, let me share:

the pink husband would croak.  I LOVE this
bedding....I'll have to paint our bedroom...who am I kidding, Don will
have to paint our bedroom...but it's lovely!  So worth it! 
Can't wait for it to be available this summer!  Here are more
lovely items that I can't possibly live without:
IMG_273_sm IMG_1947_sm IMG_2962_sm

gift wrap & party goods we may carry...I've requested the info
because it's SO pretty & it's all eco friendly! 

I really have to go & watch that video.  Now if I could find a
binder made with the Amy Butler patterns my life would be
complete...any of the fabric stores in town sell her patterns?  Oh,
and don't forget to comment on the post from Monday so you get your chance to win a goodie bag filled with random scrapbook stuff.  I'll post a winner around noon...


  1. I was going to get over to Office Max and get the recycled binder to
    decorate. What a better way to start getting organized and manage my
    time better than spending four hours decorating a binder and dividers??

  2. Kelly read my mind - why not get the party goods & papers then make
    your own? Then each time you reach for teh binder, your hard work will
    bring a smile to your face!

  3. OH, and I LOVE the grey & white bedding. I know not for you, but I
    adore it!

  4. The binder is a great idea! Honestly ladies are we going to stick with
    the binder idea? don't you want room for the... Just in cas I need to
    fly by the seat of my pants..... Oh wait! That's me... I love the binder
    idea! And by the Kirsten I think the bedding is so YOU!