Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Teaching & Shopping & a little Tyler Florence thrown in for good measure.

Whew!  What a whirlwind the last few days have been!  This
weekend I was in Phoenix to teach a few classes.  My cousin, Jen,
helped me out & then we treated ourselves to a night out without our
families.  We stayed at the Westin Kierland Commons (which is a beautiful hotel, but the beds totally suck).  Saturday night, we had dinner at one of my favorite places on earth, Zinc Bistro.  I had the best
crab stuffed crepes...and the bread...oh, the very
good!  And we finished dinner off with lemon souffle.  The

After that amazing dinner, we strolled around Kierland Commons...I drooled over everything in's so creative
in there!  And maybe it was the amazing dinner that we just had,
but I became obsessed with cookbooks.  (I love food, but I hate to
cook...I lose interest about half way through & then wonder why it
was a flop) Anthropologie had tons of them...mostly stuff my familly
won't eat.  So when we went into Barnes & Noble, I spent some
time looking at their cookbooks...specifically for one I saw in the
Relish part of the newspaper the other day...Cooking for Girls. 
Didn't find it, but man, I looked hard.  Ended up heading back to
the hotel, empty handed & falling asleep by 10 pm...what a boring
date...sorry Jen!

So the interesting thing is, I spent the entire
night dreaming of Tyler Florence.  He's a chef...Food Network
personality...cookbook author...very handsome guy.  Here he is:
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(click on the photos to visit the books at

of all, I didn't even notice his cookbook.  I don't watch his
show.  I know who he is, but I didn't stop & go, woohhooo he's a
cutie...nothing like that.  So why I spent 8 hours dreaming an
almost R rated evening away, I'll never know.  What was in that
food at Zinc Bistro?  Whatever it was, it inspired me to buy a new be damned.  (sorry, Tyler, it wasn't yours...):


ways to incorporate whole & natural ingredients into your
cooking.  Sounds good, don't you think? (click on the photo to read
about it on

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  1. The cookbook you got sounds fantastic (I'm a bit of a cookbook addict)!
    Can't wait to hear what you think...maybe I'll have to get one myself
    if you give it a good review :)