Thursday, June 4, 2009

Summer is HERE!

And I'm so excited (remember, it's my favorite
time of year!)  Kendall graduated 8th grade yesterday.  Can't
believe I have a high schooler now.  Not only that, she got into
the high school she where all but her best friend will be
attending.  She couldn't have received better news if we'd
tried.  Her teachers handed out awards to all the students...who
obviously had a hand in the honors.  I'm embarrassed to say,
Kendall's award was for "most likely to be a strict mom & ground her
kids all the time".  Kendall was not amused..."I am NOT going to
be like my mother!"  Um, maybe I'm a little too strict?  I'll
try to remember that the next time she sends me over the edge of sanity
(like when she called me a liar & I grounded her for 2
weeks...)  Someone told me the more kids you have, the more lienent
you become.  But I only have one....will I ever let what she says
just go in one ear & out the other & not react?  Or does
that come from having lots of kids?

Speaking of summer being here,
we just got in the coolest new line of papers & embellishments from
My Mind's Eye called Breaking Free...and I LOVE it.  First, there
are some awesome boy papers...then there are the beachy, flip floppy
kind of papers...ohhhh and the girly papers are so cool!  Plus, the
cheap little rub on's, transparencies, and doo-dads are excellent ad
on's...can't wait for Heather to create something with them!  (are
you reading this Heather?  Bring some of your recent trip photos to
work tonight :) )  Come & check them're gonna love
'em too!


  1. Ooooh! Those papers are great!
    Don't let her see that I wrote this, but hang in there with being
    "strict!" Looking back as an adult I am so THANKFUL for all the
    heartache and trouble my mom saved me from by being so.

  2. I with three teenagers would have to say...
    The more kids you have the more lienent you become..I don't agree this.
    My poor kids don't even know what this means.. The key is always to be
    consistant with all kids you have. Kirsten don't be hard on yourself
    keep being Consistant with the way you raise Kendall. She is a great kid
    and will turn out to be like you and Don there is nothing wrong with
    that. We need more good people in the world and it starts with US!! Good
    Job on raising Kendall!