Friday, June 26, 2009

Sentimental Fool

Yesterday was just one of those days...I was un productive, un
motivated, & reflecting pretty deeply on some things.  Looking
back on it today, it seems the universe was trying to tell me
something.  It's crazy, really. 

I started out my day reading this post from Ali Edwards
about shedding supplies.  It's pretty profound.  And truly,
you can apply it to other areas in your life.  And even more
profound was this post from Simple Mom about using the "good stuff" now...not waiting until it's too late & never using it.  And her posts about spring cleaning are
totally motivating.  So all of these things that I've read have
been building up in me all week.  Couple that with some photos I
just saw of some rooms in my house...holy crap!  I was in for
trouble before I even left the house.

I decided yesterday I was
going to work on some class projects for the store.  One of the
projects needs a fancy frame, that's kinda big, but it needed to be
pretty darn cheap.  So I went to Savers.  I saw all sorts of
things at Savers....lovely little dust collectors....silver plates (with
wedding dates engraved on them...from 1965)...frames with the photos still in them
I can not tell you on how many levels that disturbed me.  There
was a frame with an engagement photo in it, surrounded by a mat that
people had signed at their wedding.  Guess things didn't work
out.  And then there was the beautiful, older golden retriever in a
frame that had been professionally done...and the 16x20 studio portrait
of two beautiful german shepherds.  My heart just broke.  I
ended up not buying any frames, because they just weren't what I wanted
& because it made me so sad.  But I didn't know sad until I
stopped at Hodge Podge.  That place is run by Northland Hospice
& is filled with estate items.  Still didn't find my frame, but
after looking through everything, I walked out the door & burst
into tears.  It made me so sad that  peoples things were in
these places.

After going through my father in law's things, I
realize that people hold on to stuff that they don't need for far too
long & it just accumulates, so it's great that there are place that
take that stuff & that it goes to help people.  But it just
made me sad.  I started thinking that it's time to use my great
grandmother's china.  My grand parents silverware.  I don't
want my daughter to get rid of stuff because she has no recollection of
it.  I want her to have memories associated with it.  And to
realize that it's important.  Oh, and now I HAVE to clean out my to bottom...that "pile 'o crap" on my craft room floor has
to go.  Now.

The whole experience yesterday
solidified my belief that scrapbooking is one of the best things you can
do for your family. 
Telling family stories. 
Docmenting things that are important to you & your family. 
Passing things on for generations to come.  Do we really need to
give grandma another doo dad to put on her shelf...wouldn't it be nicer
to spend time with her?  Listen to her stories?  Document
them?  Or go throught that lawnmower box of photos with your dad
(yes, that's where my dad keeps his photos) & at least note who the
people are.  If a doo dad is important to you, take a photo of it
& tell the story about it.  My mom just told me the funniest
story yesterday about a coat in her closet.  Had no idea.  She
says she's told me before & I didn't listen.  That may be
true, but now I think we need to write it down...take a photo of the
coat & tell Kendall about it.  It really is funny, in a sick
sorta way.


  1. Never will I think about a gorilla and not remember the story your mom
    shared. Glad I was part of your day!

  2. I know the exact frames from Savers you're talking about. lol. and the
    feeling. My friend and I went to an estate sale last summer and found
    some amazing things, but immediately became depressed. What made it sad
    was that the family didn't keep any of their grandmother's treasures.
    Things I would have killed family for. lol. Antiques, Christmas
    decorations (some that looked handmade), a sewing machine, glass
    containers, photo albums, A Boyd's Bears collection. She had lots of
    things that you just knew told a story. It made me very sad. I guess, I
    should stop hoarding my treasures too! :)