Friday, June 19, 2009

The Bridal Happy Hour

Last night was the first Bridal Happy Hour...and I'd say, it was a
great success!  Several local businesses partnered together &
we presented our bridal offerings to the brides to be.  The brides
to be were excited it was contagious!  I met some
new people...some new businesses...and Audra & I had the best
time.  Here are some photos from our little table:
(didn't say they were good photos)
Thank you, Audra for all your help!  You're the best!

the way to The Bridal Happy Hour, I had a thought about weddings (go
figure)....I spend a great deal of my day helping people make
invitations, favors & giving ideas on guest books.  I'm always
telling them to have someone at a table who's in charge of taking the
photos & kind of minding the guest book table & they usually
roll their eyes at me like that's not gonna happen.  So I was
thinking that I'd like to be the person at the party/wedding who takes
candid polaroids...or other photos of the guests & is there to
"assist" the guests with making a really cool guest book.  How fun
would that be?  I have no desire to be a professional photographer
(after I saw Melissa's camera & her amazing photos last way).  But to take fun, candid shots...where they come to me, now
that would be fun!  I even have a little travelling booth all made
up in my head (kinda like that kissing booth, Audra...)  Oh, the
ideas are swirling!

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