Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Don't forget to vote!

Voting ends today for the June Contest Entries! 
Stop by the store to cast your vote for your favorite project...and
it's really hard to choose this month!  They're all great! 
Winner gets a $20 gift certificate to About Memories & More. 
July Contest Kits go on sale bright & early tomorrow morning...and
they're cool!  You'll definitely want to have one for yourself!

Monday, June 29, 2009

Telelscope & the Gin Blossoms


front & personal with Robin Wilson of the Gin Blossoms.  So
close in fact, I could tell you what brand underwear he had on... 
He posed for this photo for my little friend MacKenzie (who took it with
a cell phone)  It was cool!
that's my head...sorry.

me back up a moment.  We went to Community BBQ at Pine Mountain
Ampitheater on Saturday (out at Ft. Tuthill).  What a beautiful
afternoon!  The weather was perfect!  We hung out with my
niece, Becky, and her 3 boys and our friends, the Saurer's. 

There was a really cool drummer thing...I don't know what it's called, but here they are (they were really good!)

and then Telescope performed.  They're from Flagstaff.  Becky hung out with one of them in high school.  And they are really good.  You can download their album online from here for free.  They were a good fit to open for the Gin Blossoms.  Here are a couple of photos of the band
This guy was into it...made the funniest faces!

Will be making a page, soon, I'm sure!

Friday, June 26, 2009

Sentimental Fool

Yesterday was just one of those days...I was un productive, un
motivated, & reflecting pretty deeply on some things.  Looking
back on it today, it seems the universe was trying to tell me
something.  It's crazy, really. 

I started out my day reading this post from Ali Edwards
about shedding supplies.  It's pretty profound.  And truly,
you can apply it to other areas in your life.  And even more
profound was this post from Simple Mom about using the "good stuff" now...not waiting until it's too late & never using it.  And her posts about spring cleaning are
totally motivating.  So all of these things that I've read have
been building up in me all week.  Couple that with some photos I
just saw of some rooms in my house...holy crap!  I was in for
trouble before I even left the house.

I decided yesterday I was
going to work on some class projects for the store.  One of the
projects needs a fancy frame, that's kinda big, but it needed to be
pretty darn cheap.  So I went to Savers.  I saw all sorts of
things at Savers....lovely little dust collectors....silver plates (with
wedding dates engraved on them...from 1965)...frames with the photos still in them
I can not tell you on how many levels that disturbed me.  There
was a frame with an engagement photo in it, surrounded by a mat that
people had signed at their wedding.  Guess things didn't work
out.  And then there was the beautiful, older golden retriever in a
frame that had been professionally done...and the 16x20 studio portrait
of two beautiful german shepherds.  My heart just broke.  I
ended up not buying any frames, because they just weren't what I wanted
& because it made me so sad.  But I didn't know sad until I
stopped at Hodge Podge.  That place is run by Northland Hospice
& is filled with estate items.  Still didn't find my frame, but
after looking through everything, I walked out the door & burst
into tears.  It made me so sad that  peoples things were in
these places.

After going through my father in law's things, I
realize that people hold on to stuff that they don't need for far too
long & it just accumulates, so it's great that there are place that
take that stuff & that it goes to help people.  But it just
made me sad.  I started thinking that it's time to use my great
grandmother's china.  My grand parents silverware.  I don't
want my daughter to get rid of stuff because she has no recollection of
it.  I want her to have memories associated with it.  And to
realize that it's important.  Oh, and now I HAVE to clean out my to bottom...that "pile 'o crap" on my craft room floor has
to go.  Now.

The whole experience yesterday
solidified my belief that scrapbooking is one of the best things you can
do for your family. 
Telling family stories. 
Docmenting things that are important to you & your family. 
Passing things on for generations to come.  Do we really need to
give grandma another doo dad to put on her shelf...wouldn't it be nicer
to spend time with her?  Listen to her stories?  Document
them?  Or go throught that lawnmower box of photos with your dad
(yes, that's where my dad keeps his photos) & at least note who the
people are.  If a doo dad is important to you, take a photo of it
& tell the story about it.  My mom just told me the funniest
story yesterday about a coat in her closet.  Had no idea.  She
says she's told me before & I didn't listen.  That may be
true, but now I think we need to write it down...take a photo of the
coat & tell Kendall about it.  It really is funny, in a sick
sorta way.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Thursday Make-n-Take

great birthday card...for just $1!  Make-n-takes are available
from open to close or until supplies run out.  Make 1...or make
10...just a buck a piece.  See you soon!  (yep, your kids can
make 'em too!)

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Sock Monkey

sweet little page from Laurie Schwartz...that's Bailey.  And the
stitching?  Laurie says it's a that's my kind of
sewing!  Thanks for sharing!  (this would be a good challenge
page...anyone care to participate?)

New Today


"Traveler" from Little Yellow Bicycle.  This is by far my
favorite line of the season!  The paper is just cool...the camera
transparency is AWESOME!  And all the little sticker doo dads that
go with it...AMAZING!  LIttle Yellow Bicycle is one line that you
won't see in the big's made for independent scrapbook
stores, like us! 


Glitz Designs Rebel line...very cool...great for boy pages!


Actopus to Zelephants from K &'s beyond cute!  



Basic Grey collection packs...oh so cute!  And card kits, too.  Get 'em while they're fresh!


Outside my window... a beautiful, yet partly cloudy day.

I am thinking... that I shouldn't have "destroyed" the store yesterday & just left the mess behind.

I am thankful for... my husband.  

From the kitchen... no bake cookies & really hot coffee...yum!

I am wearing... my winter walking clothes...hey, it was cold this morning.

I am creating... or trying to create the class schedule for July & August & I'm struggling with it.

I am going... to work...soon (have to put the store back together)

I am reading... nothing at the moment.  Last night I finished the last book I have of the Sookie Stackhouse series...Loving What Is is my next book.

I am hoping... to finish that dang schedule...any suggestions?

I am hearing... doves cooing in the husband loves it....drives me insane.

Around the house... it's messier than I'd like...sigh...

One of my favorite things... is having Heather to work Midnight Madness!  I have a hard time staying up past 9 (could that be because I'm up at 4:30?)

A few plans for the rest of the week...
really need to work out that schedule...and Saturday we're seeing the
Gin there's Midnight Madness & an All Day
Crop...busy, busy week!

Monday, June 22, 2009


Had some inspiration at Midnight Madness on Friday night & made
these cute pages (have to admit, the inspiration came from the
internet...wherever you can get it, right?)

This one's for Rachel...took forever, but you're worth it :)
that would be a hand stitched border, my friend.
Get it?  My "deer" friend? 

for the last page the photos are totally random.  Decided to use
whatever I touched was fun!  Feeling the inspiration bug
today, too.  Hoping to create lots of fun things!  Well,
right after I move the computer!

And the winner is.....

Random stuff for sale

I've been on a cleaning mission & have a few things I'd like to
sell...CHEAP!  A couple of CRT computer monitors, an older
computer, some glass plates (I know, random), a whole bunch of VCR tapes
(kids movies), some kids toys, random scrapbooking tools (xyron 900,
xyron 510, eyelet tools, fastenator, tag maker...more, too!), a canoe
shaped wall display...  Stop by the store & see what there is
to see...more will be added to it as I keep cleaning, but it'll all be
gone by matter what!

June Contest Entries

Every month we have a purchase a kit filled with fun
stuff & make whatever you'd like, as long as it contains a little of
everything from the kit.  Each month we get back the coolest
projects...and this month is no exception!  Here's a peek at June's

DSC_0024DSC_0026 DSC_0029 DSC_0030 DSC_0035  DSC_0039
by the store to vote for your favorite project!  Customers vote
until the end of the month & the winner receives a $20 gift
certificate to About Memories & More (winner posted July 1st). 
Kits for the July contest will be available Wednesday, July 1st...they
sell out fast...make sure to get yours early!

Friday, June 19, 2009

Wish Lists

I realize this is a blog for a scrapbook store.  Sometimes I get
carried away & forget about that & just post about what teenager (who is being quite delightful lately) adorable
husband...and things I want (that have nothing to do with
scrapbooking).  Well, this is one of those posts.  And if you
bear with me, I have a little giveaway at the bottom :)

Here's a list of things that I personally think I cannot live without but I'm pretty sure I'll have to, damn it.

1.  The Flip Mino...with a really cool skin.
I need it?  No.  Do I want it?  Yes.  In theory,
I'd be able to do tutorials & post them to the blog.  But I
could do that with my camera.  It just wouldn't be quite as easy
& it's definitely not as cute.

2.  The Kindle DX.
do I need it?  No.  But man, I'm an avid reader & it
would be cool to have 3500 books in one little place.  I struggled
with whether I would enjoy not turning the pages of a book...and have
decided that yep, I want the Kindle DX.  Bad.

3.  Fujifilm Mini Instax and just about everything at the Lomography
website.  They have so much cool stuff...I need to read everything
on their website....but the mini instax is easy & I just may get
This one's a fish cool!


Aren't they cool?  And they'd be even cooler to use in my new
(additional) profession of being a guest book girl (kinda like those old
fashioned cigarette girls...but not bad for your health...ha ha!)

4.  The iPod Touch.


iPod died.  Now I want this one...but I don't really need
it.  When would I use it?  I walk with Audra.  She might
think it was rude of me to listen to that & not her....

And now for the giveaway portion of my post.  Thank you for
bearing with me while I drooled over lovely electronic gadgets that I
can't possibly live without (but have to, damnit!).  You may or may
not recall that I love the Gin Blossoms.  Ever since I saw them at
the Tempe Music Festival last year, I just love them.  (late
bloomer, I know).
you may or may not know that the Gin Blossoms are coming to Flagstafff
June 27th.  I got a little excited & bought a bunch of
tickets...too many it turns out, since kids under 15 are free with a
parent.  So I'm giving away 2 tickets to see the Gin Blossoms next
weekend.  What do you have to do to win?  You have to post a
comment telling me what gadgets (electronic or not) you're drooling
over....that's it!  So here's the contest, in a nutshell:

Post a comment on this post about the gadget
you want most in the world & why. 
On Monday, June 22nd at noon, I'll randomly select
one winner who will receive (2) tickets to see the
Gin Blossoms at the Pine Mountain Ampitheater
on Saturday, June 27th. 

Here's a link to Hey Jealously...a most excellent song!

The Bridal Happy Hour

Last night was the first Bridal Happy Hour...and I'd say, it was a
great success!  Several local businesses partnered together &
we presented our bridal offerings to the brides to be.  The brides
to be were excited it was contagious!  I met some
new people...some new businesses...and Audra & I had the best
time.  Here are some photos from our little table:
(didn't say they were good photos)
Thank you, Audra for all your help!  You're the best!

the way to The Bridal Happy Hour, I had a thought about weddings (go
figure)....I spend a great deal of my day helping people make
invitations, favors & giving ideas on guest books.  I'm always
telling them to have someone at a table who's in charge of taking the
photos & kind of minding the guest book table & they usually
roll their eyes at me like that's not gonna happen.  So I was
thinking that I'd like to be the person at the party/wedding who takes
candid polaroids...or other photos of the guests & is there to
"assist" the guests with making a really cool guest book.  How fun
would that be?  I have no desire to be a professional photographer
(after I saw Melissa's camera & her amazing photos last way).  But to take fun, candid shots...where they come to me, now
that would be fun!  I even have a little travelling booth all made
up in my head (kinda like that kissing booth, Audra...)  Oh, the
ideas are swirling!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Glitz Changes

It's sad, but we've had to cancel the Glitz Girls
sorry!  But on a positive note, they'd like to sell you the class
kits, complete with instructions!  Kits are the same prices as the
classes & you can check them out here
But I need to know by 6 pm call soon!  The kits will
be available to pick up on Monday, June 22nd and there will be an extra
little goodie in it from the Glitz Girls for all the kits puchased!

And if Lyn McEnaney is reading this please call the store at 928-526-9292.  Thanks!

The Bridal Happy Hour

Today marks the first Bridal Happy Hour event...and we'll be there!  The Bridal Happy Hour
is a group of local business owners who provide services for weddings
& parties.  We'll be there with some new invitation ideas and
you can make a cute little favor.  There's a sound man, a florist, a
photographer (Melissa Dunstan...who's
photography I love!), a bakery, a salon...and a few others.  It's
small & intimate & we think you'll have a great time!  The Bridal Happy Hour is from 6 pm to 8 pm at Pasto, downtown, in their cute little courtyard.  If you're thinking of getting married (or even throwing a big party) come on down!  We'd love to see you!

About Memories & More is so much MORE than a scrapbook store!  Did you know we make custom invitations & favors?  Or if you'd rather make your own, we'll help you design them
And we have a large die cut selection that makes it super easy for you
to make your own party favors, too!  From tiny boxes to big cute banners & big letters....our die cut machine is one
of the most useful tools around!  (even garage sale signs look
better with die cuts on do school projects!) It's fast &
easy to use & free when you buy your paper from us.  I could go
on and on about how fabulous it it, but honestly, you should come down
& check it out for won't be disappointed!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Thursday Make-n-Take

in time for Father's Day...a hot little card for just $1. 
Make-n-takes are available from open to close or until supplies run out
(yep, your kids can make 'em too!).  See you soon!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Monday, June 15, 2009

Challenge Page


Up for a challenge today?  Here's what you'll need to make this page:

One 12x12 sheet of white cardstock.

One 12x12 sheet of really busy printed paper....I used Sassafraslass because I love it.

One 8 1/2 x 11 sheet of white cardstock & one 8 1/2 x 11 sheet of coordinating cardstock (mine is green).

A pack or 2 of coordinating embellishments that you've been dying to use.

Your usual scrapbooking stuff:  paper trimmer, adhesive,
journling pen, a large corner rounder (mines from EK Success), foam
dots/squares, chipboard/stickers/die cuts for your title).  And no
matter what size the square punch says in the photo, I used a 1 3/8 EK
Sucess square punch.


Ok.  Here goes:

1.  Round the corners of the 12x12 white cardstock and round
only the upper left corner of your photo.  Cut a 2 x 9 inch strip
of the smaller white cardstock.  Round the bottom two edges
(along one long side).  Put that piece aside, it's your
journaling block.

2.  Using the 1 3/8 inch square punch, punch out 6 square from
the really wild 12x12 pattern paper you picked.  Then cut a 1 1/2 x
3 inch strip of that same paper.  The Sassafraslass paper has a
cool edge on the bar code strip...that's what I used for my 1 1/2 x 6
inch strip down the right side...go ahead & cut that strip, too.

3.  Position all your pieces on your paper...we're not gluing
here...just checking to see positioning & to see if the edges need
to be inked...only you can be the judge of that.


4.  Happy with how it looks?  Go ahead & glue down all
the pieces except the journaling block & embellishments.

5.  Now position your journaling block & embellishments on
the page.  With a pencil, make a tic mark at the edges of the
embellishment that overlap the journaling block.  That way you
won't write into the embellishment.  Go ahead & journal....I
dare you.

6.Adhere your journaling block.  When I added my embellishments, I used foam squares under them to give them dimension:



Pretty cool, don't you think?  Email me yours & I'll post
them.  I love to see your take on the same fun!

5 Favorites Today

1.  First of all, let me just quote my friend Rachel.
remember the last time I laughed that hard.  Seriously.  Even
thinking about it right now is making me inappropriate...but
so dang funny!

2.  The Glitz Girls...they're coming this Saturday!  Sign up for a class before Wednesday so you don't miss out!

3.  Sassafraslass paper...embellishments...well, everything, really.  Here are some super cool layouts from their blog: (we have lots of their papers & fun!)

4.  Photography...working on trying to take some photos again...working on that white balance...

4.  My new kitchen color.  My husband & daughter went to
Knotts Berry Farm without I painted the kitchen (and didn't tell
them).  I have to say, I was a little bitter that they went
without me...then I remembered I went on a cruise without
them.  But I remembered after I painted.  Here's the before
(most of the stuff was off the wall...where does all that gross dirt
come from????)
I know.  Don't say it.  Here's the new & improved color:

Aqua, a beautiful Pittsburgh Paints color.  It's not quite as blue
as the photo.   I was matching a color in the bigger painting
that was just a smidge bigger than an ant.  And I love it. 
And I love that my daughter thought she walked into the wrong house
:)  I didn't put all the junk back up on the wall...I've outgrown
it.  Now it's sitting in the middle of my living room floor,
wondering where I should put it.  I have a photograph from this
etsy shop coming...and I can't wait to add it to my Kelly Rae Roberts faux paintings (they're printed on canvas from Demdaco...but Kelly signs them if you order from her etsy shop)

oohhhh....and check out the new paint job on my front it!  It's a deep red called Bordeaux...good feng shui.

Reading the Charlaine Harris books thanks to Jamie.  I'm on book
6.  And I watched the first dvd of True Blood. 
They're not as similar as one might think...the HBO show is way more....racy.  Way, way, way more.