Friday, May 15, 2009

A weekend full o' fun

Just a reminder...we've added the Exploding Box class
to tomorrows class schedule...didn't know about it?  Must not be
on our email me & we can fix that :)  Anyway, the
class is being taught Saturday 5/16 by Lyn at 10 am to noon.  Cost is $15.  But call today to sign up 928-526-9292. 

& I are working really hard on some fantastic class projects for
the summer medallions (SO dang
cute!)...pages...a teen themed scrapbook (hoping to add a field trip to
take photos with this class)...LOTS of Midnight Madness....All Day
Crops...thinking about kids classes for 7-12 year olds (are your
kids interested?)...all sorts of stuff really!  Leave a comment if
there's something you'd like to see...something you'd like not to see, too.

are your plans this weekend?  Me?  I'm teaching the Basic
Grey class tomorrow (sold out...sorry!) and then heading to Sedona to
teach a very cute little book at the Sedona Scrapbooking Retreat. 
And the project is so cute I'll be adding it to our class
schedule.  I can't show it to you yet, but it has a Starbucks cup
holder for a page....intriguing, no?  And tonight?  I think I
might just whisk my husband away for a date.  But for now, I'm off
to acupuncture...hoping it will relieve some teenager tension & some
other pesky problems.  Worst case (if it doesn't work...but it
will), I'll get to lie there in a quiet room for an hour.  How bad
can that be?  (I LOVE acupuncture...just love it!)


  1. I have a kid interested in kid classes this summer. I would like to see an acrylic album class (or 2) !

  2. Box class was super fun, best ever! Thank you.