Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Wednesday Sale


Are you getting our Wednesday Sale emails?  If
not, you're missing out on the Wednesday Sale!  Today, for every
$10 you spend on stamps (rubber or acrylic) you'll get a free Dew Drop
Memento ink pad...and QuicKutz is 20% off.  Each week the sale
changes...and yes, each Wednesday we do have a sale...totally
random...even I don't know what it is until I type the email!  So
if you're not getting it, shoot me an email aboutmemories at safeaccess
dot com to subscribe.  If you used to get it & wonder why
you're not now, I promise, I didn't remove you.  The internet gods
are a fickle bunch.  We might be in your spam (how sad!) or your
husband didn't want you to see it :) , or maybe we just need to
update your email.  Whatever the reason, we'd like you to get it!

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