Friday, May 8, 2009

Mother's Day

Still wondering what to get mom for Mother's Day?  I know that I struggle with "does she really need anything?" and "what does she really want?"  This year my mom told me what she really wants is a gift certificate to About Memories & More...which kinda shocked me, because, you know, she works for me.  But I'm happy to oblige :) 

In case you're still struggling with ideas, here's a short list:

  • Make mom a scrapbook filled with photos that you've been meaning to
    give her over the past year.  It doesn't have to be anything
    fancy...and yes, you could get it done in the 2 days you have
    left...promise!  Even sliding them into photo sleeves & putting
    them in a nice album is great!  (And did I tell you we got the
    fancy new photo sleeves from We R?  They are SO cool!  They
    hybrid ones would be perfect! And they're under $6 a pack!)
  • Scrapbook a single page of you & her or something that you
    appreciate about her & slide it into a frame (12x12 scrapbook frames
    are $5 at Michael's).  It's a gift that will cost under $10.
  • Cover a canvas with paper & a nice message like this one that Audra made for her mom (for around $15):6a00d8341cc52453ef01156f761735970c-500wi 
  • Make her a card with a "coupon" in it for a date with kids...just you & mom (I know my mom would like that!) 
  • We have great smelling Soy Basics candles that you could simply tie a ribbon around with a sweet tag...
  • Schedule a photo shoot of just you & your mom...have a friend take the photos (which is free) or hire a professional (these gals are is she). 

I could go on & on, honestly.  I know, all of these things
take "creativity", "time" & some more money than others.  But
what you have in your favor is About Memories & More.  Come
& visit me at the store today...or sign up for Midnight Madness to
work on a quick project...or even come by tomorrow...& I'll help you
with your project.  While you have to buy the supplies for your
project, my time is free.  I have 100's of ideas swirling around in
my brain at any given moment & would be happy to help you create a
perfect gift for your mom that is just what you were hoping for. 

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