Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Die Cut Crazy


(image from the Accu-Cut website)

Our die cut machines are a hidden gem (tucked away in the classroom...we have two!). Some of you may know we have an Accu-Cut
machine...some may not.  But what you may not know is that I have a
serious addiction to die cut boxes.  Couldn't begin to tell you
why, but I love the darn things.  A local photographer came in the
other day & made boxes to put gift certificates can see them here...and
I was reminded once again that I just love those boxes!  You can
do so many things with them...and with Mother's Day in just a few days,
maybe you should come in & cut a box for Mom's present.  It's's easy...and it's cute!

What else can you make on our die cut machines?

  • banners (we have a banner die & 4" letters...upper & lower cool!)

  • cake box towers

  • about 50 other boxes

  • cards & invitations (some seriously cool scalloped circles & squares)

  • borders (scallops & waves)

  • wedding favors (the most adorable brides & grooms...truffle boxes...candy rolls)

  • Did you know you can cut fabric & felt on it, too?

  • And our die cut machines are free to use when you buy your paper from us...and just $5 a 1/2 hour when you don't.

And the Accu-Cut website has a TON of crafting ideas here.  Check 'em're going to love them!

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