Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Cookies for breakfast

It started out a perfectly normal day...up at 4:45 to walk with my
friend Kim...home at 6:30, filled with all sorts of good intentions for
the day.  Read in the paper that very few women eat 5 fruits &
vegetables a day...thought to myself, I'm one of the very few &
decided to change that today.  Even thought I might jump on my Wii
& get some extra exercise.  Eyed a mango & thought that
would make a good breakfast.  Vowed not to eat the
heavenly lavender sugar cookie (from the Village Baker) that was sitting
in my fridge.  After griping to Kim about how I walk 30 miles a
week & still I'm gaining weight I thought to myself that no, I'm not
going to eat that cookie.  Today will be a healthy day.  No
crap.  No cookies.  Just healthy, non processed food.

Kendall came downstairs 2 minutes before she had to leave for school
& started screaming at me that I had lost her school book (The
Outsiders).  How dare I clean out her bag (it wasn't in there)
& she's 100% certain I lost it.  And it's going to cost me
$50.  I could go on & on...but I won't.  So she & her
dad left.  I went upstairs & poured myself a new cup of coffee
& grabbed that cookie & devoured every last bit of it.  And
it was worth every calorie.  Maybe tomorrow I'll start the healthy
eating, because today, I have a hormonal teenager & need all the
help I can get.


  1. There is something to be said for the soothing calories of a cookie.

  2. I would have, too. Hope the rest of the day is great and that the book

  3. Eat the cookie! I was calling to you all morning.

  4. Darn, fingers. It(meaning the cookie) was calling to you all morning.

  5. I know I'm missing the point of the story...but I LOVE that book (the
    Outsiders)...oh, and I myself prefer brownies for breakfast.

  6. Ah. One of THOSE days. Channel your inner femme Nikita and say, "I
    never minded much about the little things."

  7. You are supposed to keep cookies on top of the fridge. Because they are
    afraid of heights, they get scared and all of the calories jump out.

  8. Oh, I can relate. I hate the weight and I am working on trying to
    change my attitude and cherrish the "teen years", it seems to just as
    hard on them... i hope we make it out alive...