Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Back in stock...

and beautiful as ever...yes, it's the We R
Memory Keeper 3 Ring 12x12 Binders...they're a rainbow of
colors...even the linen arrived!  It feels like they are a long
lost friend come to visit....just in the nick of time, too!  People
have been feverish trying to get their hands on these albums...they're
that cool!  And now, you too can get your hands on one...or
two...or twelve.  Stop on in & check out the multi directional
pages that fit right in them....and the 12x12 ring protectors are back,
too.  (I think the UPS man might have hurt himself...those boxes
are heavy)


  1. Can u take a picture of these? and the multi directional pages? I live
    out of state, and just love to read your blog. I visited your store
    last summer, and since then, Im hooked to your blog. And Im jealous
    that I cant participate in all your fun events! :)

  2. Those page protectors have been tempting me since you pointed them out
    when I was in there last weekend!