Thursday, May 28, 2009

Thursday Make-n-Take

a little different for today's little goodie bags
filled with candy....yep, it's still just a buck :)  Make-n-take
lasts from open to close or until we run out of supplies.  See you

The Cold War Museum

Last night Kendall's school hosted a Cold War Museum.  I have to
say, the kids did an outstanding job!  Their props & costumes
were great!  Here are a few highlights from the museum:
Kendall's group represented the Korean War.

Emily was Lisa Brown for Brown vs. the Board of Education.  She had a bit of trouble getting the make up off...

JFK Assassination





Clever & thought provoking.  Way to go, kids!


Just wanted to let you all know that Sherry had her baby last night
(around 7:45 pm).  7 lbs 5 oz & 21 inches long.  Blonde
hair like his daddy.  His name is Wyatt Otto Oien & both mom
& baby are doing great!  Grandma Joann was just thrilled! 
No photos yet, but just as soon as I get one, I'll post for you to see.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009


fun little page I made the other day...loving the Pebbles Inc papers
& stickers (the flower)...and of course, I LOVE the Thickers
(favorite)...the scallop border is from our die cut machine...could I
have cut it by hand?  Yes.  But why, when it takes all of 2
seconds on the Accu Cut?

Speaking of inspiration, I'm VERY inspired by the cards that are in this post at the Cosmo Cricket blog...totally love them all!

And I found a link to this youtube video.... which I very much enjoyed (don't have to have sound...but the music is a nice compliment).  And the Superhero Journal blog is quite inspiring, too!

QuicKutz Revolution Dies on SALE!

Not all of them, but a whole lot of them!  Click her to view the shapes at QuicKutz...and
then run on down to About Memories & More to pick up yours before
they're gone!  Revolution dies for just $6.99 for a single kutz and
$12.99 for a double kutz....the deal can't get any sweeter! 

*And while you're here, pre-pay for the new Epic 6 QuicKutz tool...just
$69.99 if you pre-pay ($89.99 if you wait until they're released in
July).  And then QuicKutz will give you a $20 rebate when the tools
are available.  Can't beat that, now can you?

New Baby Paper

is new baby boy paper from Little Yellow Bicycle.  Currently one
of my favorites!  You should see the girl papers, too...equally as

Friday, May 22, 2009


Here's a little fun to start your Friday:

  • Check out Ali Edwards Blog post with 20 Scrapbooking Tips.  Excellent advice!

  • Allison (she used to work for us) torturing her baby (ok, not actually torturing) with a bottle to get him to crawl.  Pretty funny!

  • Sherry's having her baby Tuesday (or whenever little Wyatt wants to come)...but Tuesday is d-day

  • Glitz Girls are coming
    to About Memories & More Saturday, June 20th!  Projects are up
    at the store...and they are dang cute!  You can read about them here.

  • I'm really liking the Craft Critique blog
    I stumbled upon it randomly the other day...some great, unbiased
    opinions of all sorts of scrapbooking & crafting items.  If
    you've been entertaining the idea of a QuicKutz Silhouette Digital Craft
    Cutter you should read this review.  And after you read it & want to get one, we have them for $175 (not the SD).

  • Becky Novacek.  I love her blog.  Read it every day.  I just find her so inspirational.  Also read Cathy Zielske, Karen Russell, Kristina Werner, The Pioneer Woman & Ali Edwards everyday.

  • Check out tons of new travel, camping, western & Arizona papers
    at the store....Carolee's Creations & Sugartree come to mind....

  • I've been in a creating mood & have been making lots of pages
    & cards that will be up soon.  And we'll be selling kits to go
    along with of the projects & everything :)

  • Don't forget there's a Midnight Madness & All Day Crop next weekend!  We'd love to have you!

Have a safe & happy Memorial Day weekend!  We'll be open 10
to 6 today (Friday) and 10 to 4 Saturday.  Closed as usual on
Sunday and we'll be closed on Monday. 

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Thursday Make-n-Take

Make one...make ten...they're a buck a piece & all day long this Thursday.  See you soon!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Wednesday Sale


Are you getting our Wednesday Sale emails?  If
not, you're missing out on the Wednesday Sale!  Today, for every
$10 you spend on stamps (rubber or acrylic) you'll get a free Dew Drop
Memento ink pad...and QuicKutz is 20% off.  Each week the sale
changes...and yes, each Wednesday we do have a sale...totally
random...even I don't know what it is until I type the email!  So
if you're not getting it, shoot me an email aboutmemories at safeaccess
dot com to subscribe.  If you used to get it & wonder why
you're not now, I promise, I didn't remove you.  The internet gods
are a fickle bunch.  We might be in your spam (how sad!) or your
husband didn't want you to see it :) , or maybe we just need to
update your email.  Whatever the reason, we'd like you to get it!

Monday, May 18, 2009

A hiking we will go...

& Leah...Kendall "You do NOT have my permission to use any of these
photos on the the store...anywhere!"  Leah "but you have
mine!"  Thus began the start of a 5 mile hike that was just breath every sense of the word.

Since Kendall was having
none of the photo taking, I kept my camera in my hand & just took
random shots...not looking through the view finder.  My husband
caught me doing & said "what are you doing?  Taking photos
while jogging?" which is a reference to the movie Yes Man...and frankly
the jogging photography class just cracked me up.  So I'd snap away
& giggle the whole time.  Were the photos great?  No, but
they were fun!  Here's Don's favorite:

Kinda fun, dontcha think?


because everyone hiking up that skinny little trail with a hang glider
on their back will see the sign & say dang it, we have to turn
around now! 


It's bad & it makes the trees sick, but you have to admit, looks kinda cool....not that I'm endorsing it or anything....


Have a GREAT day!

Friday, May 15, 2009

A weekend full o' fun

Just a reminder...we've added the Exploding Box class
to tomorrows class schedule...didn't know about it?  Must not be
on our email me & we can fix that :)  Anyway, the
class is being taught Saturday 5/16 by Lyn at 10 am to noon.  Cost is $15.  But call today to sign up 928-526-9292. 

& I are working really hard on some fantastic class projects for
the summer medallions (SO dang
cute!)...pages...a teen themed scrapbook (hoping to add a field trip to
take photos with this class)...LOTS of Midnight Madness....All Day
Crops...thinking about kids classes for 7-12 year olds (are your
kids interested?)...all sorts of stuff really!  Leave a comment if
there's something you'd like to see...something you'd like not to see, too.

are your plans this weekend?  Me?  I'm teaching the Basic
Grey class tomorrow (sold out...sorry!) and then heading to Sedona to
teach a very cute little book at the Sedona Scrapbooking Retreat. 
And the project is so cute I'll be adding it to our class
schedule.  I can't show it to you yet, but it has a Starbucks cup
holder for a page....intriguing, no?  And tonight?  I think I
might just whisk my husband away for a date.  But for now, I'm off
to acupuncture...hoping it will relieve some teenager tension & some
other pesky problems.  Worst case (if it doesn't work...but it
will), I'll get to lie there in a quiet room for an hour.  How bad
can that be?  (I LOVE acupuncture...just love it!)

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Thursday Make-n-Take for a buck!

Yep, just a buck a piece!  Stamping, cutting, dimension & cute little bling...see you all day on Thursday!

We R Albums & Protectors

Photos as requested:


The "leather" like albums...12x12 3 ring in a rainbow of colors


12x12 linen ring albums in the 8 available colors 

Mother's Day 2009 

And the new hybrid photo sleeves.  I took photos of just the
small part of the packaging.  The pages are 12x12 RING...they don't
make them for post, sorry to say.

Loving the options they're coming out with!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Back in stock...

and beautiful as ever...yes, it's the We R
Memory Keeper 3 Ring 12x12 Binders...they're a rainbow of
colors...even the linen arrived!  It feels like they are a long
lost friend come to visit....just in the nick of time, too!  People
have been feverish trying to get their hands on these albums...they're
that cool!  And now, you too can get your hands on one...or
two...or twelve.  Stop on in & check out the multi directional
pages that fit right in them....and the 12x12 ring protectors are back,
too.  (I think the UPS man might have hurt himself...those boxes
are heavy)

Cookies for breakfast

It started out a perfectly normal day...up at 4:45 to walk with my
friend Kim...home at 6:30, filled with all sorts of good intentions for
the day.  Read in the paper that very few women eat 5 fruits &
vegetables a day...thought to myself, I'm one of the very few &
decided to change that today.  Even thought I might jump on my Wii
& get some extra exercise.  Eyed a mango & thought that
would make a good breakfast.  Vowed not to eat the
heavenly lavender sugar cookie (from the Village Baker) that was sitting
in my fridge.  After griping to Kim about how I walk 30 miles a
week & still I'm gaining weight I thought to myself that no, I'm not
going to eat that cookie.  Today will be a healthy day.  No
crap.  No cookies.  Just healthy, non processed food.

Kendall came downstairs 2 minutes before she had to leave for school
& started screaming at me that I had lost her school book (The
Outsiders).  How dare I clean out her bag (it wasn't in there)
& she's 100% certain I lost it.  And it's going to cost me
$50.  I could go on & on...but I won't.  So she & her
dad left.  I went upstairs & poured myself a new cup of coffee
& grabbed that cookie & devoured every last bit of it.  And
it was worth every calorie.  Maybe tomorrow I'll start the healthy
eating, because today, I have a hormonal teenager & need all the
help I can get.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Completely addicted to....Cosmo Cricket

loved their products since the beginning...what's not to love? 
Cosmo Cricket makes the cutest paper...and I love the strip tease...and
the journaling cards...and the diecut chipboard...really, just love it
all!  The Early Bird line arrived last week & Heather (our new,
ultra fabulous employee & I) moved almost all of the Cosmo Cricket
paper to one section...made a cute little sign, some cute little pages
& some cute little cards.  Last week I finished up a cute
little book using the new-ish Girl Friday line.  Do I have any
photos?  Apparently not yet...but I do have:

  • a link to their blog here (I just love the saying in their blog's on one of their strip tease papers, too)

  • and I have a photo of a super cute page, which is from the Cosmo Cricket blog6a01053717ab71970b01156f29fa55970c-800wi

And doesn't this just make you laugh out loud?

Friday, May 8, 2009

Mother's Day

Still wondering what to get mom for Mother's Day?  I know that I struggle with "does she really need anything?" and "what does she really want?"  This year my mom told me what she really wants is a gift certificate to About Memories & More...which kinda shocked me, because, you know, she works for me.  But I'm happy to oblige :) 

In case you're still struggling with ideas, here's a short list:

  • Make mom a scrapbook filled with photos that you've been meaning to
    give her over the past year.  It doesn't have to be anything
    fancy...and yes, you could get it done in the 2 days you have
    left...promise!  Even sliding them into photo sleeves & putting
    them in a nice album is great!  (And did I tell you we got the
    fancy new photo sleeves from We R?  They are SO cool!  They
    hybrid ones would be perfect! And they're under $6 a pack!)
  • Scrapbook a single page of you & her or something that you
    appreciate about her & slide it into a frame (12x12 scrapbook frames
    are $5 at Michael's).  It's a gift that will cost under $10.
  • Cover a canvas with paper & a nice message like this one that Audra made for her mom (for around $15):6a00d8341cc52453ef01156f761735970c-500wi 
  • Make her a card with a "coupon" in it for a date with kids...just you & mom (I know my mom would like that!) 
  • We have great smelling Soy Basics candles that you could simply tie a ribbon around with a sweet tag...
  • Schedule a photo shoot of just you & your mom...have a friend take the photos (which is free) or hire a professional (these gals are is she). 

I could go on & on, honestly.  I know, all of these things
take "creativity", "time" & some more money than others.  But
what you have in your favor is About Memories & More.  Come
& visit me at the store today...or sign up for Midnight Madness to
work on a quick project...or even come by tomorrow...& I'll help you
with your project.  While you have to buy the supplies for your
project, my time is free.  I have 100's of ideas swirling around in
my brain at any given moment & would be happy to help you create a
perfect gift for your mom that is just what you were hoping for. 

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Thursday Make-n-Take

just a buck a piece & we're making it all day.  You'll heat
emboss & use glue dots in a clever way...can't wait to see you!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Die Cut Crazy


(image from the Accu-Cut website)

Our die cut machines are a hidden gem (tucked away in the classroom...we have two!). Some of you may know we have an Accu-Cut
machine...some may not.  But what you may not know is that I have a
serious addiction to die cut boxes.  Couldn't begin to tell you
why, but I love the darn things.  A local photographer came in the
other day & made boxes to put gift certificates can see them here...and
I was reminded once again that I just love those boxes!  You can
do so many things with them...and with Mother's Day in just a few days,
maybe you should come in & cut a box for Mom's present.  It's's easy...and it's cute!

What else can you make on our die cut machines?

  • banners (we have a banner die & 4" letters...upper & lower cool!)

  • cake box towers

  • about 50 other boxes

  • cards & invitations (some seriously cool scalloped circles & squares)

  • borders (scallops & waves)

  • wedding favors (the most adorable brides & grooms...truffle boxes...candy rolls)

  • Did you know you can cut fabric & felt on it, too?

  • And our die cut machines are free to use when you buy your paper from us...and just $5 a 1/2 hour when you don't.

And the Accu-Cut website has a TON of crafting ideas here.  Check 'em're going to love them!

Monday, May 4, 2009

Contest Winners!

Congratulations to Holly Kleindienst for winning a $20 gift
certificate from us for the April Kit Contest!  I've "misplaced"
the photo of Holly's project but it's # five in this photo (so cute!):

April 09  

Kim Ake won a $25 gift certificate from us in a random Shop Hopper drawing...and Beth Dupont won the Shop Hop goodie bag.

Congratulations, ladies!  There are still a few of the May Contest Kits for anyone interested in participating!  We'd love to see what you can create!

Audra's Project

I posted about this project here
And Audra came in & made it this weekend.  SO cute!  So
easy!  And her take on the Claudine Hellmuth Gloss
Multi-Medium?  Way better than Mod Podge!



Isn't it beautiful?

Custom High School Papers & Embellishments

A few photos for a customer in the Valley...we also have Coconino, Flag High & Northland Prep
DSC_0005 DSC_0007

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Fun Photos

Don & I headed downtown last weekend for the sole purpose of him
taking photos of me for a class project I'm working on. 
Unfortunately, the wind was not cooperating.  We did get a
couple of photos that I liked, but have to do a re-shoot.  I have
to admit, I loved being down there with just him.  Nice to get away
from the teenager now & again :) 
DSC_0013 DSC_0014
are some seriously cool spots to take photos downtown.  I'd
recommend taking your camera & a willing subject & checking out
the never know what gems you'll find!

Friday, May 1, 2009

Happy National Scrapbook Day!

have a store packed with 18 All Day Croppers....this is the cover of
the album they'll be cute!  Thanks, Sherry!  Even
on bed rest, the girl can create! 

In honor of National
Scrapbook Day, we'll be open Friday, 10 am to midnight, Saturday, 8 am
to midnight, and Sunday 8 am to 4 pm.  It's the last Sunday we'll
be open, so take advantage of it!  The crop is sold out, but you're
welcome to come shop til you drop!