Tuesday, April 28, 2009

A little hiking...

I love to hike...just love it.  And my favorite place (as of
this moment) is Fisher Point.  (Thanks to my friend Cheryl for
introducing me to it years ago)  Sunday we gathered up my best bud
Audra & our friends the Saurers & headed out for a 7 mile
hike.  All 7 of us plus 4 dogs...quite a party!  

& I were trying pretty hard to make it to Fisher Point...not
running, because I don't run.  But at a good clip.  We stopped
to take a photo when we got to the base of Fisher Point.
it cool?  Our intent was to hike to the top...until I realized
that, holy crap, I had to open the store & was going to be really
late if we didn't turn back...NOW.  We turned around & met up
with Don & the others & watered the dogs...which we've
"trained"...I use that term very drink from Camelbacks...

Mia (who for anyone "following" her lousy health will be happy to know
is fat & happy & hyper as a puppy).  She looked like
Pig-Pen at the end of the hike.  Every step she took caused a poof
of dust to float around her...hilarious!

And here's Maggie...Doesn't she look like she's smiling?  I love that photo of her!

encourage any of you to get out & hike to Fisher Point.  Take
the road between Sam's Club & HomeCo & park by the water
treatment plant.  And get out & hike!  There are some
hills...& some rocks...but it's SO pretty!  And while you're
out there, take some fun photos.  Maybe even scrapbook them...

By the way, Nathan, who's 11, said it was the best hike of his life.  Enough said :)


  1. Thanks for letting me tag along! I loved every second of our adventure.

  2. Thanks for the recommendation! We'll try it out sometime.

  3. The Sandy's Canyon/Fischer Point trails are faves of ours too!
    And yes, the girls ARE lovely. Looks more to me like she hates MOM
    taking pictures of her when she's not in the mood. Lovely and FUN. Love
    the spunk! hpk