Tuesday, April 28, 2009


I am entering into a phase in my life where I think I'd better start
journaling.  Not necessarily on my pages, but a good, old fashioned
journal.  My mom journals & I have to say in the back of my
mind I've thought, well, I can always read hers to find out what was
going on.  But that's not really effective because her journal
contains her memories, not mine.  Her take on the events, not mine.  I'm not saying that's bad...they're just different.

been looking through some photos lately & wondering what on earth
they're about...and that makes me really sad.  The best advice I
could come up with for Sherry at her baby shower was to make notes of
what's important & put them in with your photos...that way when you
scrapbook them when your kid is 14...or graduating high
know what on earth it was all about.  I mean, I can tell you the
general concept behind the photos....Kendall's 4th birthday...yee
haw!  But what about the feeling?  Who was there?  10
years have passed & I'm forgetting names....  How did I feel
when she turned 4?  What was great about that day?  Honestly,
as scrapbookers, we're the family record not remember
these things is discouraging to say the least.

How do YOU remember? 
Do you all just have a far better memory than me?  Is it just me
who is forgetting the little, important details?  Which would you
rather have:  a scrapbook filled with name, date, time, place or
one filled with feelings, emotions, memories?  I want the
latter....really I I'd better figure out a way to achieve
it.  Your comments & suggestions would be greatly appreciated!


  1. It seems like I go through spurts of keeping a journal like that.
    Sometimes it does make me sad to go back and see something I can't
    remember the details of, but I also try to remind myself that I have
    recorded a lot more of our lives than MY mom did, and not get down about
    the things that have been missed or forgotten.
    I'd like our scrapbooks to be a balance of both - facts and personal
    memories. The dates and info are an important reference point for me.

  2. I am finding this memory failing problem as well - I wish I could post
    it note the backs of all the pictures with the proper feeling so as to
    not forget. I'll try it out and let you know . . .