Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Contest Winner (s)....

will be announced...soon.  I know.  I promised to do it
today.  But I had a little technical difficulty.  I wrote down
the names of the colors I really liked on my computer screen & took
them to the paint store to see the actual paint chips, and wouldn't you
know, they were completely different than what showed on my screen.  I'm sure you didn't really expect me to take your suggestions to heart, but I really
wanted your help.  Truly.  And now I have to re-look at them,
because they were all so darn good.  But I have to tell you, it's
disturbing thinking you're looking at a beautiful brown house, only to
find the paint chip is olive drab.  Or that the blue you found so
beautiful...well, isn't.  So it's off to Sherwin Williams tomorrow
to check out a couple more samples.  I'll get back to you
soon!  I haven't forgot...not gonna forget...what you helped pick
is what I'm going with.  Seriously.  Good thing you didn't
send pink paint colors...have I told you that I grew up in a pink house?

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