Thursday, April 30, 2009

You've GOT to check this out....

I'm a lover of all things Halloween...and I stumbled upon this blog (via my Twitter...Twitter is SO cool!)  Enjoy!

May Contest Kits

May Contest Kits go on sale Friday, May 1st.  Here's a peek:
kit features Pink Paislee products....9 sheets of paper (there's an
acetate sheet & 2 die cut sheets included in that 9), 2 packs of rub
on's, 2 packs of stickers, a pack of chipboard toppers, some lovely
lace from Prima, a cake chipboard piece, a silver charm & a strip of
bling.  The kits contain over $32 of product & they're just
$25 (while supplies last). 

You don't have to participate in
the contest to purchase a kit.  We'd love it if you did & you
have a chance of winning a $20 gift certificate to the store (projects
are voted on by our customers)...but honestly, if you just love the
stuff in the kit or want to step outside your comfort zone, then these
kits are perfect! 

The rules are simple:  you must use a
little of each item in the kit.  And projects are due in the store
by the 20th of the month.  Customers vote until the end of the
month & then you get your project back.  Very cool!

Happy Birthday Ray!

My little nephew Ray is turning 4 today!  Time sure has flown
by!  My mom makes these cool pages each year for his birthday, that
my sister in law can just fill in...on tag per month with a little bit
of journaling.  Here's this year's page:

blank squares are for photos...the tags at the top with the ribbon are
for journaling & photos.  Nice to have a year in review,
especially when you're the mom of 2 little boys, a research scientist at
the Arboretum, and a wife to my very busy brother. 

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Thursday Make-n-Take for a buck!

to tell from this little photo, but it's a little "compact" card,
complete with a "mirror" on the dang cute!  And
Thursday, it's just a buck to make!

Love at first sight

Found this on the Hero Arts Blog this morning...even watched the video...LOVE it!  We'll be making these, for sure!
have the canvas...we have the Claudine Hellmuth Studio Multi Medium
(and her beautiful, beautiful
paints)...stamps...buttons...ribbons...basically, everything you need to
make this inspiring project (yep, even the pearls & the butterfly

Tuesday, April 28, 2009


I am entering into a phase in my life where I think I'd better start
journaling.  Not necessarily on my pages, but a good, old fashioned
journal.  My mom journals & I have to say in the back of my
mind I've thought, well, I can always read hers to find out what was
going on.  But that's not really effective because her journal
contains her memories, not mine.  Her take on the events, not mine.  I'm not saying that's bad...they're just different.

been looking through some photos lately & wondering what on earth
they're about...and that makes me really sad.  The best advice I
could come up with for Sherry at her baby shower was to make notes of
what's important & put them in with your photos...that way when you
scrapbook them when your kid is 14...or graduating high
know what on earth it was all about.  I mean, I can tell you the
general concept behind the photos....Kendall's 4th birthday...yee
haw!  But what about the feeling?  Who was there?  10
years have passed & I'm forgetting names....  How did I feel
when she turned 4?  What was great about that day?  Honestly,
as scrapbookers, we're the family record not remember
these things is discouraging to say the least.

How do YOU remember? 
Do you all just have a far better memory than me?  Is it just me
who is forgetting the little, important details?  Which would you
rather have:  a scrapbook filled with name, date, time, place or
one filled with feelings, emotions, memories?  I want the
latter....really I I'd better figure out a way to achieve
it.  Your comments & suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

Find it hard to believe...

that she hates having her photo taken...
keep finding little gems on my camera.... This is Kendall & her
best friend, Leah...since kindergarten!  at the Tempe Music
Festival.  Beautiful, girls, really!

A little hiking...

I love to hike...just love it.  And my favorite place (as of
this moment) is Fisher Point.  (Thanks to my friend Cheryl for
introducing me to it years ago)  Sunday we gathered up my best bud
Audra & our friends the Saurers & headed out for a 7 mile
hike.  All 7 of us plus 4 dogs...quite a party!  

& I were trying pretty hard to make it to Fisher Point...not
running, because I don't run.  But at a good clip.  We stopped
to take a photo when we got to the base of Fisher Point.
it cool?  Our intent was to hike to the top...until I realized
that, holy crap, I had to open the store & was going to be really
late if we didn't turn back...NOW.  We turned around & met up
with Don & the others & watered the dogs...which we've
"trained"...I use that term very drink from Camelbacks...

Mia (who for anyone "following" her lousy health will be happy to know
is fat & happy & hyper as a puppy).  She looked like
Pig-Pen at the end of the hike.  Every step she took caused a poof
of dust to float around her...hilarious!

And here's Maggie...Doesn't she look like she's smiling?  I love that photo of her!

encourage any of you to get out & hike to Fisher Point.  Take
the road between Sam's Club & HomeCo & park by the water
treatment plant.  And get out & hike!  There are some
hills...& some rocks...but it's SO pretty!  And while you're
out there, take some fun photos.  Maybe even scrapbook them...

By the way, Nathan, who's 11, said it was the best hike of his life.  Enough said :)

Saturday, April 25, 2009

All Day Crops

Never been to an All Day Crop?  Here's the make-n-take that you're missing today...


Cute, isn't it?  All the All Day Crops include a
make-n-take in the cost of the crop.  We have them the last
Saturday of every month (except December).  Sign up now
to reserve your spot for the May 30th crop...we'd love to have

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Thursdays Make-n-Take for a buck


I know...a dollar?  Yep, just $1 for each one that you make anytime Thursday from open to close.  See you then!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Happy Earth Day!

Today, in celebration of Earth Day (and our Wednesday Sale)
take 20% off all:

canvas totes * Re-Make paper pads * recycled greeting cards *
Soy Basics Candles

and check out this link for a fun Earth Day photo project
and this one for a creative challenge using junk mail

A Special Class

This Sunday, April 26th, join Mindy for a very special card class from 12:30 pm to 3:30
pm.  She's combining two popular classes into one special class,
for a total of 9 beautiful cards.  The cards feature heat
embossing, die cutting, stitching & MORE!  Cost is just $30 (a
savings of $ will not be accepted for this class). 

Call now to reserve your spot!  928-526-9292


April Contest Entries

April 09 

Come in to cast your vote for yoru favorite project before April 30th!

This just in...

  • Claudine Hellmuth Studio Paints...good golly I LOVE these paints! 

  • all sorts of charms...pets, travel, sea, etc...very cool!

  • Pink Paislee paper & embellishments (the black rub on's are my favorite)

  • New Basic Grey Wisteria & Lime Rickety paper packs

  • K & Company Re-make recycled paper pads are in (they're what I use at home & I LOVE them!)

  • and I have 6 or 7 more boxes sitting in my office just waiting to be checked, I love my job!

There is still one spot left for the National Scrapbook Day 3 Day Crop...could it be for you?

Later today I'll be posting the contest entries for the April Contest.  And they are good.  Better than good.  They are fabulous!

Monday, April 20, 2009

Looking for...

  • someone to work Midnight Madness & Saturdays...maybe even Monday
    afternoons (I need someone who will be here through the summer)
  • local, handmade crafty items for consignment
  • a teacher of paper crafting and/or scrapbooking classes
  • the winning lottery ticket

Am I looking for YOU?

Never thought I'd see the day...


Kendall out shooting with her dad.  At her age, I loved
shooting...just loved it.  Even when we got married eons ago, still
loved it.  Then I had Kendall & I haven't shot a gun
since.  Call it the over protective mom in me...I don't really know
why.  It just didn't seem like something mothers do (mine
didn't).  And while I couldn't attend this family outing I wish I
had.  I'm suddenly itching for target practice. 

Here's a photo I love that just happened to be on my camera (I'm sure I have our friend Dave to thank for this):


After almost 20 years together he still make me weak in the knees...

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Thursday Make-n-Take for a buck!

be doing some heat embossing & stamping on this cute card
today.  Stop by between 10 & 5:30 (or while supplies last) to
make this card for just a buck!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Beat the Heat Shop Hop Starts Today!

We're excited to be participating in the Beat the Heat Shop Hop
It starts today & runs through May 2nd (National Scrapbook
Day).  We still have a few passports ($7) and tote bags with the
passport ($19) which entitle you to discounts at 9 participating stores
during the Shop Hop.  (The stores participating are listed here.) 
Shop Hoppers also get to participate in free make-n-takes at each of
the stores during the Shop Hop.  Here's what we're doing (projects
change day to day & may be repeated:

must present your passport to participate in the free
make-n-takes.  Without the passport, make-n-takes are $3

So why would you want to have a passport?  Well, it includes:

  • 15% discount off your entire regular priced purchase from April
    14-May 2 at all 9 participating stores (including About Memories &

  • 20% discount off your entire regular priced purchase when you buy the passport & tote

  • free daily make-n-takes at all 9 stores (while supplies last)

  • entry into a drawing for a $25 gift certificate to About Memories & More

  • entry into prize drawings at each store you visit

  • visit all 9 stores & you'll be entered into a grand prize drawing...visit 7 & you'll get entered into another drawing

The rules are simple.  You just have to bring your passport
& tote with you to each store you visit to be entitled to all the
above benefits.

Now the question is, why wouldn't you want to have a passport?

don't forget, because of the Shop Hop & National Scrapbook Day
we'll be open for the next 3 Sundays from Noon to 4 pm. (April 19th,
April 26th & May 3rd).

Monday, April 13, 2009

A few more photos

We had the boys over Saturday night.  So fun!  Ray
decorated Easter eggs with Kendall, Leah & MacKenzie then they
played with those glow in the dark light know, the ones
that only cost $1 for six of them?  Most fun they had all night!
cool!  They were flinging them about & my camera had to slow
the shutter speed waaaayyyy down & this is what I got. 

AJ woke up in a REALLY happy mood...he was so much fun!
Blurry, I know but so sweet!  This picture makes me smile :)  so does this one:


And I musn't forget Ray, cutie pie that he is:

He posed for this.  And when I took it he wanted to see it to make sure it was just right. 

Weekend Photos Part 2

Tea is really a muffin exchange.  12 people come & they each
bring 2 dozen muffins.  You leave with 2 dozen different
muffins.  We always do it the Saturday before Easter so everyone
has plenty of muffins for Easter morning.  The muffins are always
so yummy!  These were Kelly's...cute packaging!

These were Kendall's favorite...

We had a flower bar for favors...everyone selected flowers & filled vases to take home.  Very pretty!

And sweet baby Jack was there to entertain us...he's so cute!

Weekend Photos

Some favorite shots from the weekend...these are from Bunny Tea:

Wren martini's. Audra & Cindy came up with them...and now Charley's
downtown will be serving them...they're like a blueberry lemon yummy!

had the guy at the New Frontiers cheese counter help select these
cheeses...and I can say he did an excellent job!  My favorite was
the Cana de Cabra, closely followed by the Stilton with Cherries and the
Port Salut...but honestly, they were all so good!

Friday, April 10, 2009

Hoppin' down the bunny trail...

I was all set to post a photo of the Easter Bunny & googled
Easter Bunny images.  I'm now so completely disturbed by what
people have done to the Easter Bunny, that frankly, I just can't go
there.  So here's my own tribute to the Easter Bunny from the
County Fair:
Fat & fluffy.  Love that he made his own pillow!

store will be open until midnight tonight (still some spaces in
Midnight Madness for those last minute Easter Bunny presents!) and 10 am
to 4 pm Saturday.  Of course, we're closed Sunday.  BUT the
next 3 Sundays in a row we will be open 12-4.  Why?  Because
of the Beat the Heat Shop
Hop.  So many of the participants live in the Valley that we open
up on Sundays so they'll venture to our neck of the woods. 
Benefits them & you!  I'd like to invite you to come crop with
us for free on Sunday April 19th & April 26th.  It's
only 4 don't have to sign up.  Just come, spend a few
hours working on your projects. 

A few other little tid bits:

  • There's one spot left for the National Scrapbook Day 3 Day now to reserve it for YOU!

  • The Sundays we'll be open are:  April 19th, April 26th & May 3rd.

  • Don't forget to sign up for the Shop Hop...gets you a 15% discount
    with the passport for 2 the tote & your discount goes up
    to 20% April 14th through May 2nd.

  • I want Adam to win American Idol...but think Danny might win, too....threw you for a loop there, didn't I?

  • We have a whole lotta crops coming up:  April 25th All Day
    Crop, May 1-3 National Scrapbook Day 3 Day Crop, May 31st All Day Midnight Madnesses on most Fridays...grab a friend &
    come on down for some fun scrappin' time!

  • Don't forget, we're looking for photos of you or you & your
    friends scrapbooking to put on the cover of our class schedules! 
    Drop by your favorite to the store...or email me...hey hpk, aren't there
    some of you & your sister scrappin'?

  • Stop by the store today & get a copy of a bunny template to make the banner here for your Easter gathering.  So cute! 

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Food for thought.

This was in my in box this morning:

"Physical fitness is not only one of the most important keys to
a healthy body,
it is the basis of dynamic and creative intellectual activity."

- John Fitzgerald Kennedy

My Wellness Journey Class
teacher sends out a motivational quote each day.  I'd say this one
was great!  What is this class, you might ask?  Well, it's
NOT a diet class.  As a matter of fact, she tells you to toss out
your scale (good woman!).  It IS an exercise class.  With
scrapbooking thrown cool is that?  I gather it will be a
nutrition class as well.  Yesterday I printed out a 14 page
introduction to the it's full of information.  It's a
motivator...there's some's a different perspective
on wellness as a whole, not just one aspect like exercise or diet...a
whole body/person/mind approach.  Anyway, I thought it would be
cool to take...and so far it is.  And honestly, knowing that I'm
taking it put an extra pep in my step this Audra, it wasn't
just the coyotes :)  Although they were a tad scary...

I'm not affiliated with Big Picture Scrapbooking in any way shape or
form.  I'm just sharing my own journey & my own opinions (of
which I have a lot...sorry to say). 

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Make-n-Take Thursday

Here's the $1 make-n-take for Thursday...


cute little carrot boxes, just in time for the Easter Bunny to fill
them!  Make 1 or make 10.  They're a buck a piece.  All
day Thursday. 

A little interruption in service....

Just want you to know I'm still here...been swamped at work this
week...putting new product out, making custom invitations for lots of
people...will have a new post soon...promise!

In the meantime, I'm looking for photos of you or you & your
friends scrapbooking to put on the front of our new class
schedule.  Please send me a photo to aboutmemories at .  Can't wait to see what you send!

Monday, April 6, 2009

Creative Easter Decor

Easter is just a few days away...can you believe it?  (Seems like this year is flying by!)  While looking for creative inspiration today, I found these on the Hostess with the Mostess blog:


This one (complete with instructions) is found here.

And these cute little terracotta baskets are found here (complete with instructions).

we don't carry these American Crafts papers, we have a whole store full
of fabulous paper that would make super cute Easter projects.  And
we will be putting out a whole slew of new papers today....I'm thinking
that these papers from Creative Imaginations will be just perfect!

20542s 20545s

So many to choose from....

Friday, April 3, 2009

An Amazing Egg

The other day I saw this amazing Easter Egg decoration
on Becky Novacek's blog...and I fell completely in love with it. 
Since it was one of a kind art, I thought I should create a one of a
kind of my own.  Here's how mine turned out:



I just love how it turned out!  And to think, all I started
with was a piece of card board!  Now I'm off to create a
painting, ala Kelly Rae Roberts...that girl has serious talent!


No Foolin' Sale Continues

The No Foolin' Sale continues through Saturday!  We'll be open
tonight until midnight (midnight madness anyone?) and Saturday we'll be
open extended hours (9 am to 5 pm).  Stop by & check out the
savings!  And bring along any of those punch card coupons that
print at the bottom of your receipts...they're worth more than face
value until Saturday!

Thursday, April 2, 2009

And the winner is....

Ok.  It was hard, but I've picked a winner.  Click on the link here to
see it.  My screen shows the house paint as taupe, but the color
is actually an olive I'm changing it to taupe.  But you
still get to win!

I  like a nice clean crisp look so I thought I would share this picture with you;channel=INSPIRATION;view=3

Thursdays Make-n-Take

It's just a buck...and it's super cute!  We'll be making it all
day long, so stop by to see us (and while you're here, take advantage of
our AWESOME No Foolin' Sale!


April Page Kit

Kits are just $14.50 this month...get yours before they're gone!



I was reading on the MSN Money page today & came across this article
on kids & allowance.  After I read it, I realized I've totally
been screwing up my daughters financial up bringing.  The article
says to never tie your kids allowance to chores.  We've always tied
her allowance to chores, thus saving us tons & tons of money. 
You see, when you can't get the kid to do chores, they don't get
paid.  Turns out, allowance is supposed to be given independent of
chores.  They still have to do chores...just not for money...unless
it's some random project that isn't on their weekly list (and let me
tell you, there could be dog poop all through the house & unless it
is specifically listed on her chore list, she won't pick it up, "you
didn't tell me to."  But that's a whole other frustration.) 
Turns out, when your family loads them up with gift cards & cash for
birthdays & holidays, it makes doing chores for cash a
non-issue.  I don't need the cash so I'm not going to do the
chores.  Ahhhhh, now I get it. 

Kendall & her
friend Leah decided they wanted to go to the Tempe Music Festival again
this year.  Last year parents paid, this year we told them they had
to pay.  But last year we spoiled them & bought VIP tickets.  We
were so close to Fergie that you could almost touch her.  So now
the girls want VIP tickets, which came to $128 a piece.  Kendall
saw the price tag for that & flipped out.  When I told her she
owed me $186 (there were some spring break clothes in there) she started
crying & saying I was taking all of her money.  Guess there
was a lesson learned there (for both of us).  Turns out, she didn't
want the $128 seats...she wanted the $25 tickets & was ticked that
all her hard earned birthday & holiday & dog sitting money was
gone.  And before I could even say it she screamed at me "and don't
tell me I can earn extra money by doing chores, because we all know
it'll never happen!"  Oh my, how I've messed up my kid.  Leah
on the other hand, was going through her neighborhood asking to scrub
peoples toilets for money.  Go figure.

Now I have a new goal
in life:  to teach my daughter financial responsibility.  I'll
give her the allowance (the article suggests $1 for each year in
age...more if you expect them to use if for lunch/friends birthday
present/etc..., plus a twice yearly clothing allowance) along with a specific written guideline of what we expect her to pay for.  I'll also give her a written list specifically detailing what she needs to do for chores each week.  Notice specific & written
are important.  I was telling a friend the other day that I wished
schools would have a class in practical math.  How to count change
(without the register telling you how much to give).  How to
balance a checkbook.  How to invest.  How to make a budget
& stick to it.  I realize that should be a parents
responsibility, but come on.  She's 14.  When does she ever
listen to me?  Maybe I should have a friend teach her....any

In a bit there will be a photo of the Thursday
Make-n-Take (it's SO cute, but I left my camera at work) and I'll
announce a winner of the paint color contest (I'm pretty sure I know
what I'm going with).  Check back soon!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Contest Winner (s)....

will be announced...soon.  I know.  I promised to do it
today.  But I had a little technical difficulty.  I wrote down
the names of the colors I really liked on my computer screen & took
them to the paint store to see the actual paint chips, and wouldn't you
know, they were completely different than what showed on my screen.  I'm sure you didn't really expect me to take your suggestions to heart, but I really
wanted your help.  Truly.  And now I have to re-look at them,
because they were all so darn good.  But I have to tell you, it's
disturbing thinking you're looking at a beautiful brown house, only to
find the paint chip is olive drab.  Or that the blue you found so
beautiful...well, isn't.  So it's off to Sherwin Williams tomorrow
to check out a couple more samples.  I'll get back to you
soon!  I haven't forgot...not gonna forget...what you helped pick
is what I'm going with.  Seriously.  Good thing you didn't
send pink paint colors...have I told you that I grew up in a pink house?