Wednesday, March 11, 2009

YOUR Challenge Pages

The first of the Challenge Pages are in...Holly, you are QUICK!  Here's what Holly had to say about it:

"Here is my page from the 15 minute scrap challenge you posted today!  Using your formula, it took me a mere 47
minutes once I had my scrap stuff out of the closet and printed the
pictures.  Grand total – 1 hour.  That’s a fast page for
me at this point!  (I should note, that after a particularly
stressful day at work, once my scrapping stuff was out, I was really
enjoying being in the zone, and not pushing myself to go fast… )

I chose to start working with these pictures
tonight because it was one of the few folders of files that I have that
had more than one picture in portrait orientation rather than
landscape!  So your challenge had multiple rewards for me.  I
used it as an opportunity to make the lead page for a series of pages
I’ve been thinking of doing on my garden pictures from over the
years.  I had it in my mind that I needed some kitchy theme
developed to start working with these photos.  This page got me
beyond that.  Since the only consistent thing in my crazy garden is
that I grow the brightest flowers of pink, violet, yellow, and orange, I
used those colors in the journaling strips, and now I have a simple
formula, and I’m ready to do the rest of the pages without that self
imposed obstacle.  And it taught me that I need to branch out from
my usual picture taking style, and take more portrait oriented pics! (I
know this will make my sister Lisa smile! That’s another story. 
Hee hee.)"


Edited 3/12 to add:

Holly's done another great page, just turned the layout:

Desert beauty

And here's one from Laurie Schwartz (she said it took just about an hour):


Here are two pages from Tiffani Knowles:

Tiffani 1 

Tifanni 2

Here's one from Jeannie Nelson:


Keep the pages coming! 

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