Monday, March 9, 2009

Weekend Photos

Some random photos taken this weekend:


That's my husbands body armor for work.  Frisco thought it would make a nice napping spot.  I think he was right...


I shaved my dog, Mia, for the first time ever.  It's not
her first time...just mine...and it sucked.  SO worth the $25 to
have someone else do it!  But the poor thing had dread locks &
was super stinky.  It needed to be done.  I think next time I
won't wait so long...she was a little mad, but got over it
quickly...(this time my husband knows I used his clippers...he took the
photo :)  We'll be getting a new one before his next haircut...)


We gave her a little break at one point & she ran under the
deck & buried her face in the mud.  Dang dog does that a
lot...which is part of why she's so stinky.


You won't believe this, but Ray, my 3 year old nephew, took this
photo of Mia (after she was shaved...I didn't cut her head short...she
didn't like the clippers near her face...can't say I blame her.) 
Doesn't she look pretty?


No post is complete without a serious photo of AJ...he was in a really good mood, too...not sure where this scowl came from...


Don't you wish you were this flexible?


And here's, I love that kid!

Happy Monday!

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