Thursday, March 19, 2009

Random Shots

We're making up a postcard for the store & I had to take a whole
lotta photos.  I've determined that while our new store is
FABULOUS, the lighting is not.  At 7 am it's in the 10
am the sun's in your 4 pm there are cars & trees reflected
in the night?  Well, that turned out kinda
cool...lets not get me started about the yellowish slat wall....and
oops!  Totally forgot to take photos of the classroom.  Will
have to work on that one.

Here are some of my favorite shots:

Inside & to the right.  The new store is long.


Beautiful Bazzill cardstock.


The store front at night...So glad Audra showed us how to make those tissue paper pom-poms!  LOVE them!


No part of the sign is's bright red...but man is it
bright!  I'm fairly certain you can see it from Mars!  I know
you can see it from the top of Cedar it?  Probably
not.  See it?  Definitely!


  1. GREAT shots of the new crib, Kirsten! You must be so proud!

  2. I love the first shot!!

  3. so so nice. i love the slat walls.