Monday, March 30, 2009


What a busy weekend!  We had an All Day Crop at the store, did a fabulous make-n-take


& then I headed to the Sedona Scrapbooking Retreat
to teach a class that Sherry designed.  The gals seemed to really
like it (didn't even think to take a photo of it...sorry!)  I was
too tired Saturday night to make anything...but Sunday morning I made
some great pages (photos coming soon!).  One was a Sea World page
from 2003...Kendall did the Dolphin Interaction Program
& I found the "professional" shots the other day.  HAD to get
them scrapbooked!   In October I signed up for a Big Picture
Scrapbooking class called Design Your Life.  Here's the link
to the pages I made.  While I printed up the entire 12 week class,
that's all I did for it.  So yesterday I caught up on a couple of
lessons, making 3 pages.  Feels good to be getting caught up! 
I have to admit that part of the motivation to get them done is because
I signed up for three more Big Picture Scrapbooking classes.  Cathy Zielske's Everyone Can Write a Little, a Project Now! class and I'm really excited about The Wellness Journey
with Lisa Cohen.  Do I have time to take the classes? 
No.  But I really want to, so I'm going to find the time.  I'd
like to get the Design Your Life class mostly done before my Wellness
Journey starts on April 9th...that's my goal anyway. 

to add:  I just received a link for discounts on the Big Picture
Scrapbooking classes...if you want them, just send me an email &
I'll forward the link to you.

You may be wondering why I'd take classes...I mean, I spend my day
teaching classes...teaching people to scrapbook...think outside the
box.  Well, there's lots of stuff out there for me to learn.  And I'm excited
There's stuff I want to teach you, too!  So part of taking classes
is a confidence builder.  Fresh ideas.  And a little "me"
time, too.  I'm even contemplating taking a photography class at CCC this summer...where I'll find 3 hours a night is beyond me, but I really want to take it.  And I still really want to learn how to felt.  The new yarn store Purl in the Pines has classes...  And I want to learn how to do this, too:


What kind of classes do you want to take?

Just a quick reminder, there's still time to enter the Color Contest
I've gotten some great suggestions already!  I'll be presenting
your color combos to my husband Tuesday get your suggestions
in soon!  Contest ends at midnight on Tuesday & the winner (s)
will be announced Wednesday.  If it helps you to pick out colors, I
like to pretend that I live in a beach house :)


  1. They all sound like fun, and good ways to add to existing skills and
    abilities. Hope you are able to squeeze them all in!

  2. Classes I want to take:
    1. Rescue Diver. (It's the next class I need to take towards my fantasy
    2nd career as a Dive Instructor in the Caribbean. MY beach house will
    have banana trees, coconut palms and hibiscus in the yard.)
    2. Adobe Photoshop. (I've got the tutorial, but a REAL class would force
    me to take the time to actually learn it.)
    3. Roller Blading. (Looks like fun. But since I've never figured out
    how to STOP it's not. At all.)
    4. A photography class. (F-stops, aperatures, ISO, White Balance. What
    is this language you speak? Think I need to get a camera first.)
    In any case, classes of any sort will have to wait until after fire
    season... and Rx Burn season... so we're talking next November! hpk