Friday, March 27, 2009


I was all geared up to do a post about working on the next couple of
months class know, asking you what you'd want to
see....any hopes, wishes, dreams...and then I came across Kendall's
camera, which was filled with images from her trip to San Antonio. 
Far more entertaining!


Well hello there.  Nice smile!


Thought we'd do a class on perspective...she got this one right...clever girl!


Wasn't expecting to see a Texas.


This one reminded me of that old show Hee Haw...made me giggle...and now I have that John Denver song "Grandma's Feather Bed" running through my head...(this link is to the Muppet's version...Audra should like that!) (I LOVE John Denver.)


They went to visit a cavern...most of the shots are color, but
somewhere along the way she changed the camera setting to black &
white...wonder if she knew it?  I wonder if she knew that I had the
flash turned off...I never use the flash...ever.  Maybe that's how she got the black & white...oops!


She had all sorts of rock photos from the gift shop, maybe...anyway this one was really cool!

of cool, we have Midnight Madness tonight...a few spots are still
left...and my husband is working it.  This morning he dropped a
packet of photos into my purse...turns out they're his SWAT photos &
he plans on scrapbooking them tonight.  How cool is that? 
And tomorrow we have an All Day Crop...still a few spots left for that,
too.  They'll be making a fun 12x12 page that I'll post soon...they
get to see it first :)  And I'm very excited that we'll be having a
Taco Bar for lunch.  Yum!  Mexican food is my favorite!  Then I'll be headed down to the Sedona Scrapbooking Retreat to teach a class.  Might even spend the night & work on the new class schedule. 

one more thing...I keep putting off telling you, because if I don't
tell you, it's not real, right?  Sherry, our very pregnant &
very talented teacher, is on bed rest for a bit.  You may see her
here & there, but she's got to keep that bun in the oven for at
least 10 more weeks.  So she'll be layin' down at home, wishing she
were scrapbooking with you.  Send happy thoughts her way!

yet one more thing...the classes that are on the schedule for the first
week of April are going to be rescheduled.  Mindy was to teach
them, but she has to go to London for work...which was unexpected, but
totally delightful!  Make sure to take your camera Mindy!  I
wish my job would send me to London...better have a talk with my boss :)

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  1. If your boss sends you to Londond - would you ask if you could take an assitant?