Monday, March 30, 2009

A few favorites...

Here are some things I'm loving right now:

1. Yes to Carrots! 
I've been reading about it in various magazines & found it on sale
at Safeway this weekend.  I bought the facial cleanser & the
body butter...both are fabulous!  And the best part, they haven't caused any adverse reactions.

  Carrots Face Wash  Carrot BB 

A side note:  I found a website where you can type in a product you use & see what it's toxicity level is.  Very interesting website.  Click hereto
check it out.  Found out my favorite face cream, which is organic,
has a toxicity level of 6.  I find that disturbing for a "natural

2. American Crafts Thickers in Chit Chat
They just make me happy!  I'm finding ways of putting them on
every project that I make lately.  We have the white &
tangerine...but now I think we need the other colors, too! 


3.  Honest Tea Community Green Tea
Love that stuff!  Other than it tastes fabulous, I think I love
the quotes on the inside of the bottle cap.  My cap today says
"Some cause happiness wherever they go; others, whenevever they
go".  Oscar Wilde

Honest tea

4.  We R Memory Keepers 12x12 Linen Albums.  I have 30+ of Silverstone Linen 12x12 Ring filled to the brim with their 12x12 photo sleeves.  Practice what you preach, that's what I say.

5.  My Nikon D80.  The white balance issues are my doing...but I'm learning to correct them.


6. Prima Orange Bonnet Flowers.  Just looking at them makes me smile.


7.  Shaun Cassidy.  "Hey Deenie", "Da do run run", "Do You Believe in Magic"...what's not to love?


I think I've been listening to Sirius 70's too much....because
I'm also lovin' The Bay City Rollers again..."Rock-n-Roll Love
Letter", "SATURDAY

Bay city     

8.  Art Institute Glue.  Always a favorite!  The stuff
sticks to almost anything.  Doesn't stink.  Dries clear,
flexible & acid free.  Make a project with it & it will
stay glued.  Now that's impressive!

Art glue 

9.  Sassafraslass.  It's fresh...funky...and oh so fun to create with! Here's an image from their blog:


10.  Big Picture Scrapbooking.  Looking so forward to taking this Wellness Journey class...


Maybe some of these will become your favorites, too!  Enjoy!

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  1. I love this post! This is so fun! When I have a blog I will do this
    often. I checked out the Wellness Journey link, and it looks like good
    insprirational fun. I may be signing up with you... hpk