Friday, March 27, 2009

Color Suggestions & a Giveaway

My house needs new paint...very badly.  I can help you pick out
fantastic paper to match your photos, help you create layouts you'll
love, create fabulous cards.  But picking a paint color for my
house?  Difficult for me.  Very.


See the buckled paint next to the door?  And running down the
side of the house?  That's thanks to some serious drainage issues
this winter.  And those shake shingles on the side?  Hate
them.  Always have.  And when the shingles come off, the
shutters have to be replaced.  We painted the house a few years
ago, but didn't use the best paint.  It's actually a little
embarrassing.  We got this paint from Kelly Moore (I think) that's
called Rhino.  Rhino is paint that is created from all the paint
that gets returned.  They mix it up in a big vat, pour it into 5
gallon buckets, call it Rhino & sell it dirt cheap.  It's not a
bad color...but it didn't last (and it was full of all this lumpy stuff
& my brother was NOT happy with us for choosing it). 
So.  Here we are.  Needing a paint job.  And my husband
wants to get more Rhino...but from the City Landfill.  Did you know
they mix all the paint that people recycle into their very own color
& give it away.  Um, no.  So you need to help me. 


Here's the front of my house.  My roof shingles are black &
my gutters are white.  The windows are white, too.  And yes, I
realize I need to do some serious yard work.  I'll get to
it.  Someday.  Remember, the shake shingles have to go. 
Man I hate them. 

To inspire you to help me out we'll have
a little give away.  Leave a comment with a link to the color
combo you think I should use (house & trim).  I'm a visual
girl.  I need photos.  You can post them on your blog...send
me to a link you found online...whatever.  You have until the end
of the day, Tuesday, March 31st to post your entry.  And you can
post more than one link.  I'll choose the color combo I like the
most & that person will win a Remake Mat Pad from K & Company:

 921146-tmb 921160-tmb 921139-gen 921122-tmb
pads are made from recycled paper & I love them!  They are a
print on one side & a solid on the other...VERY versatile! 
(And the 12x12 pads are what I have at home to scrapbook with because
they give you 2 colors on every sheet...the 12x12 are

Something you should know about me in advance.  I hate
yellow.  Not in a million years will my house be yellow.  So
if you'd like a chance to win a fabulous Remake Mat Pad, you won't send
me yellow combos, because you won't win.  I won't pick you. 
Even if you think, oh, she'll love THIS yellow.  No.  I won't.  Promise.

There could be more than one winner.  I could love a lot of the combos.  Let's see what you come up with!

to add:  anyone can enter!  My best friends, my favorite
niece, my sister in law...anyone with a good idea...I won't pick you
because I love you, only the colors I like will win :)  So no


  1. you know...i can't even look at yellow without thinking about you and
    your aversion to it's sunshine-y happiness.

  2. okay, i sent you an email with a scheme that i found on the sherwin
    williams website. :)

  3. You could be just like me and paint your house red with brown trim!!! I
    think it's very flagstaff. Or green.

  4. I haven't even looked at any colors for you (because I too am terrible
    at picking out paint colors), but had to comment on the diatribe about
    yellow...cracks me up! You know it's my favorite color so I can't
    understand the's so happy! :)

  5. Tammy BlankenshipMarch 27, 2009 at 1:27 PM

    Just in time for the home show. woo hoo. will post when I get back :-)

  6. Hi....the whole yellow thing cracks me up. Personally I would choose
    green with brown (light brown/tan) trim because that's the colors I've
    always wanted. Sherwin-Williams has a color called oakmoss that I like
    (but I've only seen it on the computer so I'm not sure what it looks
    like in person.)

  7. Sherwin Williams has a color called "Beach House" (sw7518). I guess
    that would kinda go with your idea of living in a beach house :-) It's a
    neutral brown color and they accented with "Toasty" (sw 6095) and
    "Black of Night" (sw6993). Thought that color combo would fit in nicely
    up here too.