Monday, March 16, 2009

Beautiful Weather

What a beautiful weekend we just had!  My daughter & nephew
made it to San Antonio safe & sound...and they're having a
BLAST!  My sister-in-law is a big she's having jumping
contests with them (out of swings) & playing basketball...and then
falling into bed at night.  I think the kids just might wear her
out!  Saturday, my husband went to a Sun's game with my brother
(which they won) so I had the night to myself.  I invited Ray to
spend the night with me & the two of us had a blast!  We
watched "The Emperor's New Grove" (love it!) & played
Candyland.  Wish I would have taken photos....

And Sunday,
Ray, Aj, their mama Kris, Don & I went to Sedona for a picnic. 
So pretty!  And I remembered to take photos :)

Ray...recuperating from the "strenuous" hike.

Ray's mom told him to "strike a pose" and this is what we got...


Isn't he cute?

See, he smiles!

Just what you want to see when you're hiking with two little kids...

AJ had it easy....back to being serious AJ

Mia loves to stick her face out the window when we drive...I know,
bad dog owner.  We have to roll the window up pretty high, or
she'll stick her legs out there too.

And sticking her head out the window gives her a funky
does jumping in a puddle & rolling around in the sand...did I
mention Westies are dirty little pigs?

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