Monday, March 9, 2009

Another Challenge

Ready for another scrapbook challenge?  This one is a little
different from the last...but not much.  I have to say, my goal was
to use 3 photos, without cutting them, to create fast, easy &
satisfying layouts.  Sounds silly, I know...but I think I got

So here's what you need:

  • grab 2 vertical 4x6 photos and 1 horizontal 4x6 photo.  Doesn't
    matter what they are...just a group of photos.  Honest. 
    Don't over think this.

  • choose 1 solid cardstock (I used white) and 2 print papers, full
    sheets.  I used double sided, but then I think double sided paper
    is the greatest invention of all time.  You'll see why later.

  • grab some alphabet stickers...chipboard...die cuts...whatever (I
    used leftovers from another project...and I forgot to photograph them in
    the supply photo)

  • you'll need a journaling zig scrapbook writers are my favorite!

  • you'll also need adhesive & a paper trimmer & a corner rounder.

  • and I added a single embellishment (the flower).  Pick something you have that compliments your theme.


The supplies (LOVING the new paper from Sassafrasslass!)


Layout your photos on the page so you know what size to cut the print papers.


The dot paper is 4x4 and the owl paper is 1 1/2 x 6. Are you seeing how I came up with those measurements?


I used my large corner rounder from EK Success.  I just
happened to want to have an exaggerated corner on this page.  Round
the four corners of the cardstock & the four corners of the
photos/papers that match up to the now rounded cardstock. 


Like this.


Now add your single embellishment, a little journaling & a
title.  (These new Prima flowers are SO cool!  And I love the
tangerine letters from American Crafts...I've used this pack on several


Outline the letters with your journaling pen...I thought mine needed to pop a little better.

in these photos you'll see that I outlined the outside edges of my
page...I didn't like it so I cut it off at the my page is a
little short.  You'll see in the final page that the lines are
gone.  Put them on yours or not...your choice.


Then I added some dates & the girls ages & outlined
around the inside of the page (remember, I cut off my original outline
because I didn't like it).  This page, including finding the paper
& embellishments, shouldn't take you more than 15-20 minutes. 

And now you're wondering, why didn't we use scraps? 
Well, my friends, because you're going to make cards out of your
scraps!  I've been trying to make it a habit to make cards out of
my scraps when they're still fresh & in front of me.  With the
leftover prints, I was able to make 3 cards.  So, 3 cards and a
page out of 3 sheets of paper?   Not bad!


Here's card one.  I made a standard card (4 1/4 x 5
1/2).  I cut the owl paper to 8 1/2 x 5 1/2 & folded it in
half.  Corner rounded the two outside corners, added a flower &
a small strip of the dot paper.  I didn't have enough room with
the size of my letters to actually spell out thanks, so I
abbreviated.  Outlined everything with a black pen.


And look at this simple card...same size as the one above. 
The strip in the middle is the bar code strip at the bottom of the
Sassafrasslass paper.  They put these cool strips on all their
paper...makes it an even better value.


Didn't take a photo of card 3 until the end, I guess.  But
when I was done, this was all the scrap I had left.  How awesome is
that?  And from start to finish, it took at the most 45
minutes.  During which I was watching the store & helping lots
of you may even finish faster!

So my challenge to
you:  When you get home tonight, grab some photos & 3 sheets of
paper & create this layout.  Email me your photo or post a
comment with a link to your blog photo.  It's really inspiring to
both me & other readers to see what you've been creating!



  1. Fun! Fun! Fun! Your last challenge jump started my scrapbooking
    recently. Made at least 2 pages and got going on the December Daily
    project again. Yeah, I know it's March.
    Just saw a set of three photos like this. Now where did they go? Can't
    wait to make this layout!

  2. I just sent in my challenge page. I love the clean lines of this page.
    I may do another one but rotate it 90 degrees since I take so many more
    pictures in landscape than in portrait. This layout I will use again
    to be sure! HollyPK